How to Make a Baby Comforter Set? Baby Bedding

Beddings sound so lovely and fun to create by yourself. Have you ever wondered about how to make a baby comforter set? There’s nothing as thrilling and beautiful as seeing your baby curled up in the beddings that you created yourself. You get to pick what kind of materials you want to use, their colors, and all other accessories that may go along with the comforter set.

As a first-timer in the DIY niche, you may find it a little overwhelming to make a comforter set all by yourself, especially if you have no experience in that field. The challenges might even out you off from making your own baby comforter set.

It is the opposite of the case when it comes to any baby beddings. Compared to adults beddings needs and requirements, it is incredibly easy to make a baby comforter set. Their beddings are very small, so you can also finish it up in no time.

What the Baby Comforter Set Consists of

The baby comforter set primarily consists of the dust ruffle, pillows, and the comforter.

Dust Ruffle

The Dust ruffle of a comforter set might be the most stylish piece out of the baby comforter set. It is placed between the box spring and the baby crib’s mattress, and it hangs down beautifully. It is even more ideal when the baby in question is a girl. 

How to Make a Baby Comforter Set

The next item in the set is the pillows, also called bumpers. You want your baby to be very comfortable, and providing pillows is another way to go about it. You will put the pillows around your baby’s crib.

Comforter or Blanket

The last item on our list is the comforter, called the blanket or quilt, and can be made if varying materials from cotton to wool. It all comes down to your preference and how you will want the comforter set to look.

Purchasing Materials

The first material you will need to purchase for a baby comforter set is the yards of materials you will use to sew each of the items in the baby comforter set. There are so many types of materials to experiment with, and you can pick whichever one goes with your baby’s crib and room.

Measuring the Baby’s Crib

The first thing you will need to do will be to measure your baby’s crib. Measuring Your baby’s crib will give you an idea of what you are working with and how you should work with your materials. If you blindly go in to start sewing any item in the baby comforter set, they may not cover the crib appropriately, and you may end up having problems. When measuring the crib, you need to add extra measurements for error’s sake if there might be the need to add in extra materials.

Measuring the Materials

When you have measured your baby’s crib, you can go in and measure the material for the dust ruffle. The standard materials that are usually used for dust ruffles are four pieces. So out if the yards of materials you have, measure out four pieces for the dust ruffles.

The next item you will need materials for is the pillows. You want your pillowcases to fit in properly. You don’t want them to be too tight or too loose. For your pillows, you will need eight pieces of materials.

Now, the last item on our list is the comforter or the blanket. Ideally, the comforter should be the exact size of the bed. Many people might decide to make it bigger because they feel they might get a larger crib in the future as their babies grow. Of course, it is entirely up to you, but the standard measurement for a comforter is for it to be the crib’s size.

After you have successfully measured the materials for every item in the comforter set, note it down in a note pad and draw it necessary so that you can go back to it while you are working.

How to Make a Baby Comforter Set

After you have drawn out your measurements and probably added a few extra notes, you can go ahead and start to cut out the materials for your baby comforter set. Make sure to use sharp scissors, or your materials will have uneven edges after they have been cut.


Start by sewing the first item in the set, which is the dust ruffle. Sew the ruffles or frills that are supposed to hang down from the bed. The fringes of the dust ruffles are the most beautiful part of the item, so you want to make sure you sew it properly. Depending on what you want, you might decide not to finish off the hems of the material. It is unnecessary as long as you make the comforter set for yourself, but sewing the comforter set’s hems give a nice and neat finish.

The next item that you will be sewing is the pillowcases. If you later change your mind about the numbers of pillows you want, you can sew lesser amounts. Many people love the look that pillows give and decide to add many of them to their bedding sets.

The last item on our list is our comforter. The comforter is perhaps the simplest item to sew since it doesn’t require so much. You only need to finish off the hems neatly and the edges to not come out looking rough at the end of the day.


After you have finished sewing your items, you should iron them since they will look a little rumored. Ironing the baby comforter set helps to get rid of stray threads your scissors didn’t pick up after you finished sewing.

How to Make a Baby Comforter Set

Modern baby room interior with crib

Set Your Baby’s Crib.

Set your baby crib with the comforter set, taking care to let the decorations on your dust ruffles show correctly. When you have finished, you can step back to see if there is any other thing that you have to adjust. If there is nothing else, you are finished.

Hand Sewing Vs. Sewing Machine 

You can decide to sew your baby comforter set by hand. Using your hand might be tedious and time-consuming, so we will recommend using a sewing machine.

That is How to Make a Baby Comforter Set?

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