How to Adjust Chimes on Pendulum Clock? 4 Top & Unique For Adjusting Chimes on Pendulum Clock

If you own a pendulum clock, you may agree with us that how to adjust chimes on pendulum clocks can be quite complicated, especially if you have no experience doing it at all. If you are not very careful, you can break something in your pendulum clock. In this article, we will teach you how to adjust the chimes in a pendulum clock correctly. 


The first step in our solution will be to gain access to your pendulum clock. How do you do this? You have to first of all open the access panel of the pendulum clock. Once the access panel is open, you will be able to adjust the chimes.

After you have opened the pendulum clock, you start to wonder where to go from there. First of all, you need to locate your chimes hammer responsible for all the sounds that come from your pendulum clock. When you raise the chime hammer, you need to note whatever sound the chime hammer gives off. If the sounds that come from the chime hammer is nothing pleasant, it means that you have to adjust the chimes hammer. By adjusting the chimes hammer, you will get the sounds you want from your pendulum clock.


The second step after you have raised your chimes hammer is to bend the chimes hammer. You have to turn the chimes hammer down to the middle of the shank.

You may be worried at this point that your hammer shank might break off if you are not careful. You don’t have to worry about this step; your hammer shank will not break at all. The material that it is made of is not easily breakable, so you can go in and bend your chime hammer.

When you are bending your chime hammer, you have to make sure that the particular chime hammer you turn does not touch any other chime hammer. You have to make sure that you avoid making that mistake at all costs. You may risk ruining your chime hammers if you are not very careful.


When you have bent your chime hammer, you have successfully adjusted the chimes. How are you sure that the sound after the adjustment will come out pleasant? A sure way to determine this will be to raise the chime hammer again, and if the sound doesn’t resonate correctly and doesn’t ring nicely, you may have to adjust the chime hammer again.


To adjust the chime hammer, you have to repeat the previous step, which involves you bending it to the middle of the hammer shank. When you have done that, you can go ahead and raise your chime hammer again; your chime should ring after you repeat the step again 

You won’t adjust only one chime hammer. You will have to do the same for all other chime manners in the pendulum clock. Repeat the same step you had taken to adjust the first chime hammer 

When you are done changing every chime hammer in your pendulum clock, you are ready to set your pendulum clock. Set your pendulum clock and close the access panel. The last thing you will want to do will be to leave your pendulum clock exposed.

Reasons People Adjust the Chimes in Their Pendulum Clocks.

How to Adjust Chimes on Pendulum Clock

There are so many reasons anyone might want to adjust the chimes in their pendulum clocks. The first reason is that sometimes, the chimes’ melodies might sound boring and thus may prompt you to go ahead and adjust the chimes in the pendulum clock. The last thing you will want is to be stuck with monotonous sounds and melodies from your pendulum clock.

Another reason someone might want to adjust their pendulum clocks is that sometimes after you adjust the minute’s hands in your pendulum clock, the melodies coming from the chimes may sound a little off, and you may be forced to adjust your chimes.

When Should You Adjust the Chimes in a Pendulum Clock?

How to Adjust Chimes on Pendulum Clock

You can adjust your pendulum chimes anytime you want. You don’t need to wait for a long time to go ahead and adjust them. The chimes hammers last for a long time, so you shouldn’t think you much of wearing them out by constantly adjusting them. You only need to be careful not to break any of the hammers when you are adjusting then.


We have successfully explained to you how to adjust chimes in pendulum clock. You can go ahead and try it today.

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