How to Make a Crochet Basket Stiff ? The #1 Secret To Make Your Crochet Basket Stiff

Have you ever wondered how to make a crochet basket stiff? Sometimes, you may knit your crochet basket, and it comes out looking and feeling floppy. Putting anything in the basket might not be a good idea since it can hardly support its weight, not to talk about holding anything you want to put there.

Making the crochet basket stiff and able to stand correctly becomes a problem. You will have to find a solution to it. You obviously can not use a floppy crochet basket, so you will have to look for a way to make it stiff.

You might notice if you are observant that the only crochet baskets that tend to be stiff are small crotchet basket. What do you do if you want to knit a bigger basket that should be able to contain so many items? Do you ignore knitting and find a basket made of a sturdy material?

It is relatively easy to knit a big crotchet basket and make it very stiff enough to hold various weights. This article will share some of the tips that many knitters employ whenever they are trying to make their crochet basket stiff.

Making a Thick Base

How to Make a Crochet Basket Stiff

The first tip that we will mention and explain in this article is that f you want your crochet basket to come out stiff, you will need to make the crochet basket base thick when you are knitting it. If the crochet basket base is thick, it will be able to support the weight of anything you will be putting in the basket. Your basket will also be stiff.

Using Thick Yarns

Another way to make your crochet basket stiff is to use thick yarns to knit. Different wools are available in the market. Some wools are softer than others, and they are used to make simple pieces of clothing or items. There are thick yarns, however, that are used to make thicker items. 

A technique to make your yarn very thick will be to use two strands of the wool instead of only one. You can even increase the numbers of the strands as you wish.

Using Small Needles 

The next solution is to use smaller needles or hooks or knitting pins to make your crochet basket very thick. Bigger knitting hooks and knitting pins tend to make the crochet you wee knitting very loose, and it will make your crochet basket also sloppy. Using small knitting pins and needles will cause the crochet to be tighter and make your crochet basket stiffer.

Using Chemical Solutions

The next solution or method you can apply to make your crochet basket very thick will be to douse it in a chemical solution that can make it very stiff. There are so many chemical solutions that are available for this purpose as well.

Starching the Crochet Basket 

Moving on, you can also starch your crochet basket so that it can come out stiff. Many people starch fabrics and clothing items to make them stiff and sharp, so starching your crochet basket can make it stiff.

How to Make a Starch at Home

There is a home recipe that you can apply to make a simple starch. All you need to get will be a cup of sugar and a bowl of warm water. You can boil the sugar in the water if you want or mix it in. Soak your crochet basket in the mixture for a while and then remove it and dry it. Your crochet basket will come out stiff after it is dry. You don’t need to spend so much money buying starch to make the crochet basket thick.

How to Make a Crochet Basket Stiff

Fabric Stiffeners

Our next solution will be to use a fabric stiffener. A fabric stiffener is another alternative to chemical solutions and starch. You can speak your crochet basket with the fabric stiffener, and it will come out thick and stiff. You can also soak the crochet basket in the fabric stiffener for a while.

Attaching Wooden Handles

Another simple method you can employ to make your crochet basket very thick will be to attach wooden handles to it while making the base if the crochet basket very thick. The wooden handles will make the crochet basket stay upright. 

Beading Wires

Have you ever heard of beading wires? Beading wires are one sure way to make your crochet basket very thick and stiff. You knit the heading wire into your crochet basket, and after you have done that, you wouldn’t have to wonder again about how to make crochet basket stiff.

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