How Long Does Granite Grip Last ? | Granite Grip FAQs

Have you asked, “how long does Granite Grip last?” If you have never used a concrete finish before, you might be a little skeptical about using some popular products. Behr manufactures the Granite Grip, and it has been in use for quite a long time. Some people do have some reviews about it, and we would discuss it in this article.

A Summary of the Granite Grip Reviews

A Summary of the Granite Grip Reviews

Some people have said that their floors coated with Granite Grip usually last for about three years. Other people report a lower time frame for various reasons.

The BEHR Granite Grip is used as a floor coating. If you have very rough-looking concrete floors, then the Granite Grip is what you will need to use to ensure that any holes in your concrete floor stood being a nuisance and stops distracting you as well.

Another advantage of using the Granite Grip as a floor coating for your floors is that it keeps terrible stains away. It means that your floor will be less dirty and you wouldn’t have to spend so much money trying to clean off dirt, grease, or stains.

The Granite Grip is usually mainly used to make old floors look new again. So if there is any eventuality that your floor is using worn out and old and in need of a makeover, then the Granite Grip is what you should be using for that purpose.

There are so many reviews of the Granite Grip, but some of the reviews are mainly poor. The first criticism against the use of Granite Grip is that it doesn’t last very long. Some people reportedly say they have to coat their floors often, especially after the winter season, because the Granite Grip does not last through the winter. Some people do not even recommend it at all for this same reason.

When it rains, the Granite Grip might not be a suitable floor coating for your concrete floors because the rain might wash it away, and this means that you will have to coat your floor again. You keep spending money on something that doesn’t have a very long life span.

How to Use the Granite Grip

 How Long Does Granite Grip Last

There are so many ways to use the Granite Grip on your floor. We will talk about the steps you can employ to apply it to your floor.


The first step will be for you to clean your floors with some soap and water properly. The last thing you should be doing is working on a dirty floor.

How Long Does Granite Grip Last

When you have adequately cleaned your floor, you will have to use another water and acid solution to give it through rinse so that the floor coating will stick on it correctly. Some people may skip this step as they find it unnecessary, but cleaning with an acid solution is recommended if you want a long-lasting coating.

For this article, we will be recommending muriatic acid for you to use on your floor. So, you can suit up, mix the acid with water, and give your floor a thorough rinse. 

When you have given your floor a thorough rinse, the next step will be to wait for it to dry properly. You can leave the floor to dry for some hours. Some people might not even work on their floor until the next day. 


When your floor is dry, you can now start working on it with the Granite Grip. You want to pay your Granite Grip in one coat. When you have applied a coat of the Granite Grip, you should allow it to dry before you apply another coat. If you immediately apply a second coat, you may not achieve the results you want. The best thing to do will be to use just one coat, allow it to dry correctly, and then apply a second coat. 

Some people like to coat their floors a second because a few Granite Grip’s coats might not last a long time.

Final Thoughts on Granite Grip

Having to apply various coats means that you will have to spend so much money on more buckets of Granite Grips, and this is one reason people are known to shy away from using Granite Grip. Asides from the fact that the Granite Grip doesn’t last long, you still spend so much money trying to coat your flood with it.

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