How to Build Wood Shelves in Cargo Vans? Cargo 5 Cool Van Racking Ideas

Do you want to own a van and wonder how to build wood shelves in cargo vans? We can not deny that having shelves in your cargo van helps to make things easier to reach for and handle than having a cargo van that is just plain without any wood shelves in it.

It is incredibly easy to install wood shelves in your cargo van even if you do not have any experiences at all. The supplies you need are few for this DIY project, and if you are into doing things yourself, this project will be quite fun for you.

How to Build Wood Shelves in Cargo Vans

We can all agree that a cargo van that does not have partitions in the form of shelves for demarcations can be quite unsafe to work in since you can’t correctly locate items and you risk getting yourself injured. If you have a cargo van with shelves in it, you reduce the risks of this happening.

The following sections in this article will talk about the steps you can take to install wood shelves in your van.

Measuring Your Cargo Van

The first step you have to take will be to measure your van’s dimensions so that you can know what lengths of shelves need to go in. Measuring your van will also help you decide on what size of materials you should be getting.

Measuring Your Cargo Van
Getting Your Materials Ready

When you have measured your van, the next step will be to decide what type of wood materials you will want to use. There are different types of wood materials available in the market, so you should take your time to pick whichever one you want to work with. If you have issues choosing the right materials, your next step will be to consult with a professional.

After you have your material ready, measure if to fit the measurement of your cargo Van, and then cut it up so that you can get ready to install it. You must have the right sizes before you go ahead to start installing it.

Marking the Spots for Your Brackets

When you have measured your shelves and cut it to the desired lengths, you should move to your cargo van walls and start to mark every position where the shelves will be going into. You can get a marker and start to note the areas where you will hang the wood shelves.

Installing Your Brackets

After noting your wood shelves’ positions, go ahead and start to drill holes for your brackets. We recommend using an electric drill for that effect since it is faster and more accurate. Drill the holes in the exact places where you had marked for your brackets.

How to Build Wood Shelves in Cargo Vans

After drilling your holes, the next thing to do will be to start installing your brackets. The brackets are what will help to hold your shelves and make them very sturdy properly. Quality brackets will ensure that your wood shelves do not fall. So, it is essential to get quality brackets for your wood shelves.

What Kind of Brackets Should You Use?

If you want your shelves to hold more weight, you will have to use heavy-duty brackets. Heavy-duty brackets support shelves’ weights excellently, and you wouldn’t be scared of your items tumbling to the ground if you use quality brackets.

Another type of brackets that are known to support the weight of shelves properly is wooden brackets. Getting the right shelves brackets for your wood shelves will determine how they will turn out to look at the end of the day.

Installing Your Shelves

After installing your brackets, hang your wood shelves by screwing them into the wood brackets. You should ensure that the screws you are using are of good quality and can last a long time. Low-quality screws might need to be changed quite often.

Painting Your Shelves

You can decide to paint your shelves. You should ensure that you know the type of paints that your wood shelves required. There are different types of paints available for different types of food, so selecting the right paints will decide how your wood shelves will look at the end of the day.

Painting shelves that have already been assembled and hung might be a little messy. How do you deal with this problem? We recommend that before installing your wood shelves, you paint them. Painting the food shelves before installing them will help you have a neat workspace.

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