How to Repair Cracked Wooden Door Panels? Best Way to Fix Cracked Door Panels

Have you ever owned a door or purchased a home with very good wooden panel doors and then you notice that there are cracks on the four and this leads you to start wondering about how to repair cracked wooden door panels? Well, you are not alone, many people usually complain of cracked panels and are always wondering about how to do it 

Wooden doors that have wooden panels in them usually crack after some time of use. What is even more shocking is that the door could be very new but it will start to crack nonetheless and you might even start to worry that you have been sold a fake door or a door that is made of very poor quality.

We understand your worry and why you should start to look for wags to fix the door. Nobody wants to live in any home with faulty furniture or faulty structures.

Wood Fillers

Wood Fillers

It is very easy to repair cracked wooden panels on doors it even in a cabinet or any wooden structure in your home that is made of wooden panels. The first solution that we will recommend to anyone dealing with this problem will be to use wood fillers.

If you have never heard of wood fillers, don’t be too surprised. They are easily accessible and many people have used them for a long time to take care of any cracks in any wooden structure that might be in their home. The wooden fillers fill you any cracks that wee in any wooden structure quite nicely.

The disadvantage that many people might associate with using wood fillers is the fact that the crack on any wooden structure might expand over time and the wood fillers might not be able to take care of them as they are supposed to. Otherwise, wood fillers are okay to use.

Wood fillers as we can now deduce are only suitable to be used short term especially if the cracks in your wooden cracks keep increasing. Wood fillers are not suitable to be used long term since they will not be able to fill up cracks properly.

Fixing the Moldings on the Wood Panels

How to Repair Cracked Wooden Door Panels

The next solution we would explain in this article will require to take out the molding in your wood panels. You might wonder what a molding is. Well, the molding is quite easy to spot in a wood panel if you are quite observant. The molding in a wood panel is what helps to hold the edges of the woof panel together so that they don’t fall apart.

If you can spot this piece of molding on your wood panel then you will have to remove it if you have any cracks on your wood panels. Of course, removing the molding will not solve any major problem but the next step will explain what you should so with it.

If you have been able to remove the molding on the wood panel, the next thing to do will be to put some glue on it and fix it on the wood panel or the crack on it.

Using a Wood Spline

How to Repair Cracked Wooden Door Panels

The next solution on our list will also require you to use some glue but this time around, you will have to change some things for it to work properly like it is supposed to work, or else, you will notice that your cracks are coming back.


The first step in this solution will require to clean the crack on your wood panel and also to clean the surrounding areas of the crack. Cleaning them will help you see where you will be working on clearly.


When you have cleaned up the crack nicely, the next step will be to open the crack to the width of a wood spline. You can find a wood spline anywhere from a carpenter shop or in an appliance store. You can even find one in your backyard if you are looking properly. You can cut one out also from any discarded wooden structure.


When you have measured the width of the crack and your wood spline, the next step will be to get sandpaper or a scrubbing pad and then begun to sand the edges of the crack to make them smoother to work with during the project.


When you have sanded the edges of the crack on your wood panels, the next step will be to see if the wood spline that you had gotten area can go into the crack. The wood spline has to fit into the crack and you must measure the crack and the wooden spline. If you don’t do this, your wood spline might get very loose eventually and the crack will resurface again.


When you have tested the wood spline into the crack and you notice that they are a match, then the next step will be to get some hot glue that goes with wood and at the glue to the crack on the wood panel. Do this properly without spreading the glue to surrounding areas of your door. Only the crack on the wood panel needs glue and not any other area.


When you have applied the glue to the crack, you can go ahead and do the next step which involves fitting the spline into the crack until it fits properly. You have to make sure that the spline that you had gotten previously goes into the crack properly or you will have issues.


When the wood spline has gone into the crack on the wood panel, you can go on and leave the glue to dry off. Depending on what kind of glue you used, it can take a when for that to happen. You might need to leave the glue to dry for some hours or even for a day.


When your glue has properly dried, the next line of action will be to get carpentry scissors or any tools that you can use to cut off the excesses of spline so that the crack that you had filled up doesn’t look bad and also so that the spline doesn’t hurt anyone or any pet.


Sand the area again so that you have a very smooth surface on your wood panel. You can even go as far as repainting the wood panel.

That is How to Repair Cracked Wooden Door Panels

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