How to Clean Copper Weathervane? Keep Weathervanes Looking New

So you own decorative pieces that are sometimes made of copper, which leads to you asking questions about how to clean copper weathervane? First of all, you should understand that your weathervane is very easy to clean, and if you have not been doing an excellent job of that, you probably should start doing so.

Generally, all materials or decorative pieces made from copper are totally easy to clean and store. Cleaning copper does not require so much. You can do this safely by yourself without having to get the help of anyone at all.

Some of the materials you can use to clean your copper weathervane can be found around you, and you can even grab a few supplies from your kitchen for this purpose. Yes, you read that right, some solutions could be sitting in your kitchen cabinets that you can use to clean your decorative pieces.

Before you decide to get any product to start cleaning your cooper weathervane, you first need to make sure if you should bring the weathervane down and clean it or if you can clean it from whatever position or place where it is hanging.


How to Clean Copper Weathervane

The first solution on our list is vinegar. Vinegar has been used for so many years by different people and cultures to clean dirty equipment that needs a harsher cleaning solution. Vinegar, first of all, has to be diluted for this to work correctly, or you could turn your copper weathervane. All you need to do is get some water and vinegar, much it properly, and pour it in a spray bottle. Get a scrubbing pad that is not too abrasive. Spray the vinegar solution on the copper weathervane, clean it and scrub with the scrubbing pad.

Vinegar and Salt

The next solution on our list is still vinegar, but this time with a twist. You will have to add salt to the vinegar solution. Salt is abrasive, and it will be able to get rid of any dirt that might be a little tough. Salt also works if you do not have a scrubbing pad at your disposal.


The third solution on our list that can go a long way in cleaning your copper weathervane is lemon. Lemon has cleansing properties in it, and it could help provide the extra shine that your weathervane might need.

Lemon and Salt

Another solution you can use is lemon and salt if your copper weathervane is a little too dirty. Squeeze out some lemon juice and add some salt to it. Salt, as earlier said, is abrasive, and it can help get rid of any tough dirt that might be clinging to your weathervane.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

The next cleaning solution that you can quickly get around you will be some baking soda. You won’t use the baking soda alone, though; you will need to add some vinegar if you want a proper shine to your copper weathervane. Vinegar has cleaning properties, and baking soda is a little bit abrasive.


The next solution on our list is ketchup. Yes, we know what you are thinking. Who uses ketchup to clean anything. For all you know, ketchup is supposed to be eaten with some fries, but we promise you that using ketchup to clean your copper weathervane might be the best thing that you have ever thought of. First of all, ketchup is very easy to get, and you could have some lying around in your kitchen. 

Cover your weathervane with some ketchup and use a scrubbing pad to scrub away any dirt. Your copper weathervane will appreciate you for this.

Copper Polishes

How to Clean Copper Weathervane

Another way to keep your cooler weathervane shining will be to get a copper polish suitable for your decorative piece. Copper polish can be found in some stores, and if there are no stores that sell it near you, you can order it online from Amazon.

Copper Sealant

The next thing you can try to keep your copper weathervane looking brand new will be to use a copper sealant to keep the copper from looking old or tarnished. A copper sealant will protect the copper on your weathervane, and it will add a little shine to it as well.


Many people wonder how to clean copper weathervanes without even realizing that they have the answer near them and sometimes in their kitchens. Try any of the solutions given and watch your copper weathervane shine like never before.

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