How to Keep Glitter From Falling Off Wreath? 5 Ways to Keep Glitter from Falling Off

Wreaths are very decorative pieces, and the places you can hang them are not limited. how to keep glitter from falling off wreath is possible if you can apply a few tips and hacks. Wreaths, as said earlier, can be put anywhere from doors to the walls in your home. The areas you can use wreaths to decorate are so many.

Wreaths ate usually seen or hung during festive seasons live Christmas and Easter. It improves the festive air during these periods. Lately, many people have decided to put up wreaths without even having to wait for festive seasons to begin.

How to Keep Glitter From Falling Off Wreath?

There are so many materials that are used to make wreaths. Some people can decide to make their wreaths quite simple, while others might go all out for a decorative wreath by using glitters. Sometimes, if not appropriately placed, these glitters can fall. It is so annoying seeing glitters all over your home. If you don’t correctly place glitters on your wreaths, they may all fall off, and before you know it, your wreath is back to looking very bare. Luckily, preventing this can be very easy, and you wouldn’t even need to spend so much money.

Using Mod Podge Glue to Hold the Glitter

Using Mod Podge Glue to Hold the Glitter

First of all, you need to use glue to keep glitters in place. You can’t prevent glitters from falling if they are not correctly placed and secured on your wreath. A type of glue that you can use for this purpose will be the Mod Podge glue. Mod Podge glue is very much available in the market, and this is a type of glue that you can use for your wreaths.

How do you apply your Mod Podge glue? You can take a brush and dip it inside the Mod Podge until you fetch the amount that you need. Swipe Your glue filled brush on your wreath until you get the glue on the wreath.

When you have gotten the glue on the wreath, the next step will be to sprinkle your glitter on it until every area filled with glue on the wreath is completely covered with glitters.

Another way to use Mod Podge glue to keep your glitters from falling from your wreath will be to get a container and fill it with the Mod Podge. You can increase the amount of Mod Podge that you want to use or decrease it. It is up to you. 

Go on and add the glitters to the Mod Podge filled container and give it a good stir until the mixture is well combined. When you are satisfied with the combination, you can then dip a brush into the mod lodge and swipe it across your wreath and cover any area you want with the glue and glitter.

You can then go ahead to allow your glitter and glue to dry. You can wait a whole day before hanging the wreath; you can also wait a few hours. You can shake your wreath to make sure gay the glue stuck to it properly.

Adding Another Layer of Mod Podge 

It is entirely optional at this point to add another thin layer of the Mod Podge glue on your glittered wreath. Why should you add another layer of mod Podge glue? Adding another thin layer of mod lodge glue will allow your glitter to get sealed, and it would never fall off the wreath for as long as it is on it.

Alternative to Mod Podge 

What happens when you don’t have Mod Podge at your disposal? You don’t have to worry about this; what you can instead do will be to get any glue type. Make sure that the alternative you are using doesn’t get crusty when applied.

Spraying Acrylic on the Glitters

How to Keep Glitter From Falling Off Wreath

Another way to prevent your glitters from falling from your wreath will be to pour or sprinkle the glitter on your wreath then go on with acrylic. Spray a cost if acrylic on the glitters and allow it to dry.

Don’t Touch the Glittery Wreath Often.

How to Keep Glitter From Falling Off Wreath

You should bear in mind whenever you have a glittered wreath will be that constantly touching it will increase the chances of the glitters falling off. It might be tempting to handle your wreath since the glitters on it will be beautiful and eye-catching, but you need to resist this.


How to keep the glitter from falling off the wreath is easy if you get a perfect glue to keep it in place since the glitter won’t stick without glue.

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