How to Apply Wall Decals With Transfer Paper? Top Tips To Apply Wall Decals With Perfection

Wall art is perfect for any home style. How to apply wall decals with transfer paper is also very simple, and you can do this DIY project on your own without enlisting the help of anyone. If you feel you can not do this, you might want to call a professional’s assistance. Other than that, applying wall decals is relatively easy.

Wall decals are known by various names. Some people call wall decals wall tattoos, but you can get these “wall tattoos” off your wall whenever you feel like it. Other people call them wall stickers.

Wall Texture

Wall Texture

Before you decide to apply a wall decal on your wall, you have to make sure that your wall is very smooth. Wall decals will not stick on any textured or rough wall surface. It will fall off before you even know. The types of walls that wall decals will work on are glossy finished walls and matte walls. Any other wall surface will not be able to hold wall decals.

Wall Decal Design

How to Apply Wall Decals With Transfer Paper

Choose the design of the wall decal that you intend to use. There are so many designs of wall decals that are readily available in the market. Wall decals range from simple to white complex designs that might require a professional.

Picking Your Wall Decal Location

Before you apply your wall decal, the first thing you have to pick will be where you will apply your wall decal. The setting can be anywhere, your living room, bedroom, or even a dining room. The important thing to remember is that the surface has to be very smooth.

Measuring the Location 

When you have selected a location for your wall decal, the next thing to do will be to measure the area to make sure that it corresponds with the size of your wall decals, or you might have a bit of a problem when you start to apply the wall decal.

Cleaning Your Work Surface

When you have measured your wall and the wall decal, the next step on the list will be to thoroughly clean your walls and get rid of any stains, grime, dirt, or debris that might be on it. You should have a spotless surface that you will be working on. Why do you need a clean surface to stick your wall decal? Wall decals will not stick on any wall where there is dirt or dust. It is why you need to make sure that you thoroughly clean your wall.

Placing Your Wall Decal on the Wall

How to Apply Wall Decals With Transfer Paper

When you have cleaned your wall thoroughly, you can place the wall decal on the wall using a measuring tape to get the accurate positioning of the wall decal. You don’t want your wall decal to look skewed.

When you have gotten this, you can then remove the backing paper from the wall decal by peeling it off gently so that no design sticks on the backing paper as you peel it off. You can start peeling from the edge of the wall decal and then slowly go down will you reach the end.

When you have done this, you will notice that the wall decal will be on the transfer paper. You can then go on and place the transfer paper with the wall decal on the wall. Make sure that you press lightly to ensured that the wall decal has stuck to the walk properly. You can even leave the wall decal with the transfer paper on the wall for some time. It will ensure that every design has gotten stuck to the wall surface. 

Smoothing Your Decal

While you are making sure that the walk decal is on the wall, you should use a squeegee to smooth out the wall decal so that it doesn’t come out rough when you start to peel off the transfer paper from the wall decal. Ensure you do this properly. Do not scrub aggressively, or you will end up ruining your design.

Remove the Transfer Paper.

When you have smoothed out the wall deal, remove the transfer paper from the wall decal. How do you do this? Start by peeling off the transfer paper by holding on to an edge. Peel it back gently, do not rush the process as you can ruin your wall decal. Peel back gently until you reach the end.

You should note that you can’t apply a wall decal all on a freshly painted wall. Make sure that your wall is completely dry before applying the wall decal.


How to apply wall decals without transfer paper is relatively easy if you know how to be precise. The last thing you want will be to ruin your wall decals.

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