How to Hang a Rain Chain Without Gutters? Rain Chains Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know

Have you wondered about how to hang a rain chain without gutters? Hanging rain chains without rain gutters in your roof or installed around your roof can be a little tricky, but luckily, there is a way around doing it. You can hang rain chains without having a rain gutter installed around your roof, but you have to note a few things first.

Vertical Streams of Rain

How to Hang a Rain Chain Without Gutters

The first thing that you have to be aware of before deciding to hang rain chains without rain gutters will be that whenever rain is falling on your roof, the rain splashes down in vertical streams at a point. The point where the rain falls or splashes can be a corner of your house. If you are sure that rain falls vertically down your roof, installing rain chains without gutters is okay. But if the rain doesn’t fall vertically, you may have to install a rain gutter or make a mess.

Installed From Below the Roof

The rain chain is usually installed below your roof, and this makes it easy for the rain chains to catch the rain as it is falling or to splash in the vertical streams; this is how to install rain chains without having to use rain gutters.

Decorative or Simple Rain Chains

Decorative or Simple Rain Chains

Now, there are so many reasons people choose to use rain chains to catch the rain that falls down their roofs. The first reason asides the rain chains catching the water is that rain chains are quite decorative and eye-catching. 

Rain chains are said to date back to the Japanese and Korean people and some other parts of Asia that will hang these rain chains whenever it was raining. People hooked the rain chains on their roofs, and it was able to catch the falling rain.

These communities that first started to use the rain chains usually made the rain chains quite simple. Still, as time went on, they decided to start making different rain chains designs, and aside from being a tool used to catch rain, the rain chains were quite decorative pieces.

An Alternative to Downspouts

How to Hang a Rain Chain Without Gutters

Before rain chains, there were downspouts. Downspouts are simply pipes that were used to carry rain that has fallen in rain gutters. Downspouts can not function if there is no rain hitter. The rain chain is typically just an alternative to downspouts, and they have become quite popular of late.

Protects the Walls of Your Home

Rain chains help the water that falls down a roof not to ruin the walls of your home. Without a rain chain, you will notice that whenever rain is falling, it drenches your walls and if it is a painted wall, the paint on the wall can become ruined.

Also, for people who typically have rain gutters installed, the rain chains will help guide the rain falling to the gutter. For this article’s purpose, we will only talk about rain chains that can be installed without rain gutters.

Slopy Roofs

Before you install your rain chains, you have to make sure that the roof that you would be hooking your rain chains on is slopy. If the roof is curved or not slopy to allow the rain to fall in vertical streams, the rain chains will not collect whatever rain will fall. Eventually, the rain will accumulate on your blog, and there is every possibility that the rain will also go on to ruin your roof. Make sure that your roof is slopy.

Drilling the Roofs

When you have taken care of your roof, you can go in and drill a hole on your roof. You can drill more homes depending on the number of rain chains that you intend to hang. The house will be where you will hang your rain chains.

Hooking the Rain Chains

When you have drilled the homes on your blog, you will then attach hooks through the holes. The hooks should be sturdy enough so that if there is a case of heavy downfall of rain, the hooks will remain In place throughout while it is raining.

When you have put the hooks through the holes on the roof, you can then go on and attach your rain chains through the hooks by shipping them in. Tug on the chains to ensure that they see secured; this is how to hang a rain chain without gutters.

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