Do Metal Trellises Burn Plants? Tips for Choosing the Right Clematis Trellis

Do metal trellises burn plants? It is a good question for anyone who might be wondering what kind of trellis they should use for his climbing plants, for example, vines. There are many advantages to trellis. The main advantage is that they usually allow your climbing plants to grow in a coordinated way, especially if you are concerned about your plants and flowers’ arrangement.

Types of Trellises 

Types of Trellises

Different types of trellises are available in the market, with the most common being metal trellises. Some trellises are made from wood and other materials. Many people prefer using metal trellises.

There is no denying the advantages of using trellises. Imagine if you have plants that you are grooming, and they start to grow in an uncoordinated and unarranged way. You wouldn’t want that. A trellis makes your plants before beautiful than they are because of how they can arrange the plant.

Metal a Conductor of Heat

Well, you should know that metal is a conductor of heat, and as such, it can eventually burn and ha your plants because of how hot it can get. Your plant will become affected, especially if you just started grooming them.

Your plant may start to grow haphazardly, and you will end up not liking the arrangement that you are getting from the trellis. It is the reason why many people can not stand using metal trellises. They don’t want to deal with burnt plants. When the metal trellis gets hot, you can not even touch it, so imagine how it will be for your plants.

Locating Your Trellis in a Shady Area

Do Metal Trellises Burn Plants

You can avoid this by locating your mental trellis in a very shady area where the sun won’t get to it and make it very hot. You can set-up the trellis beside a building with a vast roof that will provide the necessary shade that you might need.

Now, before you go on to locate or set up your trellis in a shady area, you should make sure that sunlight can still get to your plants. Without sunlight, your plants will not grow at all. You should make sure that where you will be setting up the trellis should get enough shade and sunlight.

Freezing Trellises

Your metal trellis can also harm your plants during the winter months. Damaging your plants during the winter months is often because the metal trellis can freeze, and the plant can go on to freeze.

To avoid your metal trellis from freezing and ultimately harming your plants, you should take the trellis into a room and store it until the winter months are over. You can then go on and trim your plants according to their growth arrangement. When the winter months are over, you can set up the trellis again.


Your metal trellis is made of metal. You might not see a problem with this, but you should know that the metal trellis can rust. When the metal trellis corrodes, it will ultimately burn and affect your plant.

What can you do you prevent the corrosion of your trellis? Well, if your trellis is located to a source of water, maybe a fountain, you might need to change the location. The water is what is making the trellis that in the first place. Avoid setting up your trellis anywhere near water.

Another way to prevent your metal trellis from rusting is by getting an anti-rust spray or a rust protectant spray and spraying the metal with it. You wouldn’t have to deal with the trellis rusting, which will ultimately prevent your plants from getting harmed.

Windy Areas

Do Metal Trellises Burn Plants

You should also avoid setting up your metal trellis in any windy area. You might be wondering what a windy area has to do with your plants getting burnt. Setting up your trellis in a Sunday area will not directly affect your plants, but it can ruin your trellis. Also, a windy area can affect pollination.

You should make sure that you set up your metal trellis in an area where it will be beneficial for your plants or your flowers. If your plants are burnt, their growths will be stunted, and they will die.


Do metal trellises burn plants? Yes, they do, but this is all dependent on how you set up the trellis and where you also set them up.

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