How to Decorate Around a Large Wall Clock? | Unique Wall Decor Ideas

Are you wondering about how to decorate around a large wall clock? A large wall clock usually is a center of attraction in a home, and adorning around it usually diverts more attention to the wall clock itself, especially if it is an expensive clock. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to decorate around your wall clock.

Decorating With Smaller Clocks

Decorating With Smaller Clocks

You can decide to purchase smaller clocks and hang the wall clocks around the wall clock. The wall clocks should be significantly smaller than the central wall clock. If the wall clocks are close to the central clock's size, it will take the clock's attention, and the set up will look distracting.

Hanging Picture Frames

Another way to decorate around large wall clocks will be to hang picture frames around the clock. Not only will the wall clock be a central focus in the room, but attention will also be directed to the picture frames. It must necessarily be family pictures. The picture frames can be pictures of anything from animals to houses. You can purchase picture frames off Amazon and Etsy.

Wall Shelves 

You can decide to decorate around your wall clock by drilling a wall shelf beside the wall click. You can then choose to put books on the wall shelf. You can have wall shelves secured beside the wall clock on either side.

Flower and Plant Pots

How to Decorate Around a Large Wall Clock

Asides having books on the wall shelves, you can also put flower pots or plant pots on the shelves. This way, the flowers or plants help decorate the wall clock and add some color to your room.

Decorating With Wreaths

Another way to decorate around your wall clock is to have wreaths placed around the clock, especially during festive seasons such as Christmas and Easter. Just like the miniature wall clocks, the wreaths shouldn't be too big, or it might take attention away from the wall clock.

Decorating With Beads

You can also decide to hang some beads around your wall clock. An example of decorative beads that can be used to decorate around wall clocks is farmhouse beads. Farmhouse beads usually come in different colors and different designs. They are also quite affordable, and you wouldn't need to break a bank to decorate around your wall clock with them.

Decorating With Paintings 

How to Decorate Around a Large Wall Clock

You can also decide to hang painting around your wall clock. If you are not a fan of picture frames, you can get portraits and hang them around the wall clock. The inky downsides to using paintings instead of picture frames are that they are more expensive.

You can place wooden letters around your wall clock. Wooden letters serve as decorations as well for walls. You can choose random letters or spell out your name or family members' names using the wooden letters.


You can also put a banner underneath your wall clock or above it or on either side. It doesn't matter. The wall banner should complement the color of the wall clock and draw attention to it. Make sure that the words in the wall banner are meaningful, or it will be distracting.

Hanging Plants

Beside using plant pots or flower pots to decorate around your wall clock, you can use hanging plants and flowers. Hanging plants and flowers are simpler to set up and even cheaper since plant pots can be more expensive than the plant itself. You can choose different colors of flowers and plants for this purpose.

Color Theme

You should choose a clock that matches your wall's color or matches the style if your home. If you use contrasting colors of wall clocks for your home, the set up will look off and look odd. It might also be distracting. Your wall clock should blend in with your wall.

Using Neutral Colors

If you are not hooked up with the whole matching theme of clicks and walls, you can decide to use a neutral color. The neutral colors that you can use include but are not limited to brown, white, black, and grey.

Clock Position

Clock Position

You should ensure that where you positioned your clock drags attention to it. Your wall clock is large, and you want attention drawn to it. If you set the clock around expensive centerpieces like antique furniture or costly items, attention will be shifted from the wall clock.


It would help if you didn't wonder how to decorate around a large wall clock; it is relatively easy to do. You should select decorations that reflect your tastes and style.

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