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If you own mirrors, you might have to learn how to keep a floor mirror from sliding quite often; floor mirrors are quite expensive. If you order them from a distant place, you will still have to pay delivery expenses asides the mirror’s cost. Delivery of fragile items like mirrors is usually expensive.

Luckily, if you have a heavy floor mirror, there will be fewer chances of it falling. Just because there is a low chance of floor mirror falling, it doesn’t mean that they won’t slide. You still have to find ways to secure the mirror and prevent it from falling.

Drilling Your Mirror to Your Wall

You can secure your floor mirror from falling by drilling the mirror into a wall. We know that floor mirrors are usually beneficial for those who want to see their lower bodies instead of their upper bodies. You can drill your mirror halfway to your floor and keep it from falling.

Weighing Your Mirror 

How to Keep a Floor Mirror From Sliding

First of all, before you drill the mirror, you have to weigh it so that the nuts and nails you might be using to drill it won’t feel the mirror’s weight. If your mirror’s weight is not matched against the nails or nuts, your mirror will eventually fall.

Furniture Straps

Furniture Straps

Another way to keep a wall mirror from falling or skiing is by using furniture straps. Furniture straps are usually used to keep furniture in place but did you know that you can use furniture straps to secure your mirror and stop it from sliding and falling to the floor.


First of all, before you attach your floor mirror, you need to measure it and see if it will fit in your mirror. It would help if you made sure that the straps are long enough to attach to the walls.


Once you have measured your straps, you can then go on and attach one end of the furniture strap to the side of your motor or behind your floor mirror. Some straps come with adhesives, and it makes it easier for you to attach the straps to the mirror. 


When you have secured an end of your furniture strap to your mirror, you can then go and attach the other end of the furniture strap to your wall. It is advisable to use adhesive to secure this end of your furniture strap to your wall. It would help if you drilled the furniture strap to your wall so that the mirror will be adequately secured.


When you have the straps attached to the wall and the mirror, you can then go on and secure your mirror to the wall. Furniture straps help secure your mirror, and it also helps if you want to move the mirror from time to time without being scared of the mirror shattering or breaking. Using furniture straps to keep your mirror from sliding and falling is also ideal if you don’t want to drill your mirror to a wall completely. Furniture straps are also relatively cheap and affordable.

Using Rugs

You can also secure your floor mirror and keep it from falling by placing a heavy but soft rug underneath the mirror. Placing a rug underneath the mirror will stop it from moving, and at the same time, if the mirror eventually falls, it will not break since it will be landing on a soft surface.

Gripper Pads

There are also gripper pads, usually made of rubber, that is kept underneath a mirror. Gripper pass usually works the same way a soft rug will except that it has a firmer grip. Gripper pads will help keep any floor mirror from sliding and falling since they are usually made of rubber.

Where Should You Position Your Mirror?

How to Keep a Floor Mirror From Sliding

Before you decide to either attach furniture straps to your mirror and wall or before you use a gripper pad or a rug, you should, first of all, find a very suitable location for your mirror. You don’t want a place that makes it relatively easy for people to bump into the mirror, especially if you have kids continually running around your home. Select an area with less traffic in your home. It will make it easier for people not to bump into the mirror accidentally.

Checking Your Mirror at Intervals

You should also check your mirror from time to time to see if the furniture straps you are using are coming out of the wall even though that is unlikely. Also, check to see if there is any chance that the mirror is sliding on its own. These steps are how to keep a floor mirror from sliding.

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