How to Change Light Bulb in Blow Up Yard Decorations? | Yard Inflatable Repair Guide

If you have blow-up yard decoration in your home, you might observe that the bulbs in the inflated decoration might fail suddenly. How to change light bulb in blow up yard decorations is usually dependent on the type of decoration that is being used. There are different types of inflated decorations, and their setups are generally different.

Signs of a Failing Bulb

How to Change Light Bulb in Blow Up Yard Decorations

One of the first signs that can be observed with a failing lightbulb is that the light starts to dim when it fails. The blow-up yard decoration might begin to get dim one day, and it goes off the next day. If you notice that the light in your inflatable is going off, it is your cue to go ahead and change it. 

What usually affects the bulb’s lifespan in the inflatable is the weather condition that the inflatable is left in. If the temperature is a little too cold or windy, the inflatable will be affected.


First of all, to change the light bulb of your inflatable, you need to purchase the bulb used as a replacement. Know the right bulb to be used and buy it.


When you have gotten the bulb replacement, you will deflate the inflatable or the decoration. Some inflatables have tubes with caps that you will open so that the air in the inflatable decoration can go out. Open the tube cap and allow your decoration to deflate before proceeding to the next step. It is impossible to change the bulb in your inflatable decoration without reducing it.


When you have deflated the decoration, you should go and open it. Your inflatable is supposed to have a zipper that makes unlocking the decoration easy. The way to open inflatable varies, so you should examine the inflatable first before going ahead to open it. You can read up any manual that accompanied the decoration so that you can get an idea of how to open the decoration properly. Avoid trying to open up the inflatable aggressively; you might end up tearing it.


When you have successfully opened up the inflatable, you should examine the inside to locate the bulb. There are different places where the bulb might be placed. Some inflatables usually work with multiple bulbs, while others might work with a single bulb.

How to Change Light Bulb in Blow Up Yard Decorations

Unscrew the faulty bulb from the inflatable by using a screwdriver. You might not have to unscrew the bulb with a screwdriver but might have to remove it from the socket that is holding it. You can gently twist the bulb side to side so that the pins that are holding the bulb will release it. 

You should do this gently as if done aggressively, you might spoil the socket, and you will have to replace the socket or purchase another inflatable entirely. Take your time to remove the faulty bulb; there is no need to rush the process.


When you have taken out the bulb, you can then go on and replace it with the new bulb that you have gotten. Push the new bulb into the socket and twist it side to side to ensure that the socket pins hold the bulb securely.

You must buy the correct size of the bulb for the replacement. If you buy the bulb’s wrong size to replace the old one, it won’t go into the socket. You should check for your bulb size before replacing the bulb. A wrong bulb size might mean that you have to spend some money purchasing another one.

How to Change Light Bulb in Blow Up Yard Decorations

Checking for Broken Wires

You can also check to see if any broken wires leading to the bulb. Sometimes broken wires might make the bulb not to come on at all. If you notice that any broken wires are leading to the bulb, you should reattach it correctly.

When you see done replacing the bulb, you can go ahead and zip up your inflatable. When you have zipped up the inflatable or closed it up, you can go on and inflate it again with air and then turn on the bulb to see if you did a good job.


How to change light bulb in blow up yard decoration or an inflatable is relatively easy. It would help if you found the right bulb for it and also know how to open up the decoration.

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