Should Master Bath Be Same Color as Bedroom? | Paint Color Mistake You Should Never Make

Should Master Bath Be Same Color as Bedroom? When decorating and furnishing the home, many people usually wonder if they should have the same bathroom and bedroom shade. Some people will never want to have separate bathroom and bedroom colors as they might find it distracting and that it doesn’t reflect their taste or style. Having matching colors of bathroom and bedroom might evoke some elegance in your home. 

It reflects uniformity, and there is nothing wrong with that, especially if you are not a fan of too many colors. You can keep your bedroom and bathroom the same color to avoid spending much on contrasting designs and colors.

Adjoined Rooms and Bathrooms

Having a matching bathroom and bedroom is also ideal if your room is adjoined or connected to the bathroom. It works if you don’t need to go outside your room to bath. Having a matching bathroom and bedroom also gives an illusion of a vast space.

Well, to simply put it, you do not need to have a matching master bath and a bedroom. No rule said that your bedroom and your bathroom should be the same color or design. It is a thing of choice, and it is up to you to decide. You can choose to have a bathroom that is a different color from your bedroom. It could work for you if you are not really into matching colors at all. It also works if you don’t want to spend so much money purchasing different paint colors.

Wallpapers Are Not Suitable for the Bathroom.

For instance, a situation that might not call for matching colors of bedrooms and master baths is when you use wallpaper for your bedroom. You can’t use wallpapers in bathrooms because they are going to be affected by moisture or humidity. It will mean that you have to select a different color of paint for your bathroom. 

If you are still intent in making the bathroom and the bedroom match, you can choose a color that is bold on your wallpaper and paint your bathroom with it. You still won’t have a matching bathroom and bedroom, but you can make it work nonetheless.

Nobody will advise you to use wallpaper for your bathroom. Unless you are willing to spend some extra cash changing the wallpapers every time, you shouldn’t think about using wallpapers in your bathroom because you are trying to get it to match with your bedroom. It doesn’t work like that.

Neutral Colors

Should Master Bath Be Same Color as Bedroom

In deciding what color you want to use for your bathroom, especially if you don’t want it to be a matching color with that of your bedroom, you can use neutral colors. The colors won’t look distracting at all, especially if your bathroom is adjoined to your bedroom. Neutral colors also help to give an illusion of a large space that many people try to get. Neutral colors also work for men and women bathrooms, so it is not gender-specific at will. Some colors are specific to each gender, and we will talk about them later on.

Some Examples of Neutral Colors That You Can Use for Your Bathroom Include but is Not Limited to the Following


White is our first pick of neutral color because it goes with any bedroom color without matching it. That is the power of neutral colors. You can have a pink room, a red room, or a blue-colored room, and having a white-colored bathroom will not make the room look off at all. White colors work for any bathroom as well.


Gold is another neutral color that not only evokes a feeling of elegance; it also adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom. If you are into different home styles and want a hint of luxury in your bathroom, you can add gold-colored walls to give off that feeling.


Brown comes after white and gold a sine of the colors commonly used in bathrooms. Brown is a warm color and is also neutral. It can offset differently colored bedrooms without looking tacky at all. With brown, you can be able to paint your bedroom a different color without worrying about it matching or not.


Grey color is neutral. It goes with almost any color because it can make a color blend in with it without that color looking off and odd. If you want a different shade of a bathroom, you can use grey.


Green is not a neutral color, but it is also not gender-specific. Green gives off an airy and fresh feel to a room and appeals to both men and women. If you don’t want a neutral color in your room, you can go for a green color, especially if your room is a warm or soft color like cream.

Gender-specific Colors 

Should Master Bath Be Same Color as Bedroom

Pink paint can be used to paint a master bath if a woman’s bathroom is a different color or if she wants to match a pink room. The pink color is one of women’s favorite colors, and it doesn’t matter if their rooms are painted differently; pink color will still appeal to them if used in their bathroom. Pink usually gives off a feminine aura, and that is what many women are looking for. They want their rooms to reflect their styles and tastes, and what other colors than pink to help do that?

Dark Blue

Deep or dark blue is a color that is usually associated with men. Blue is formal when it comes to men. If a man doesn’t want to use neutral colors like white and brown, he can go for dark blue. Dark blue is formal and usually has male energy surrounding it.


Yellow is usually endearing to women because it is airy and warm. A woman can have a light green colored room and still won’t mind a contrasting bathroom color like yellow.

Matching Your Linens to Your Bathroom 

Instead of trying to match the color of bedroom walls to the color of your bathroom, you can harmonize the bold colors of linens to that of your bathroom walls. You can have a yellow-colored blanket and curtains and then go on to paint your bathroom a yellow color without having to match the bathroom color to that of your bedroom color. Similarly, if you have a red bed sheet and pillow or the central theme of your room is red, but the walls are a different color, you can paint your bathroom red.

Using Accessories 

You can decide to accessorize your bathroom without actually matching the color of the bathroom to your bedroom. How do you do this? You can decide to throw in furniture like a dresser and a shelf with a different color from your bedroom. 


Should Master Bath Be Same Color as Bedroom

Your lighting as well can be changed so that your master bath doesn’t match the color of your bathroom. If you have bright lighting in your room, you can decide to go for colored bulbs in your bathroom, or you might divide to use dim lighting for your master bath.


Should the master bath be the same color as the bedroom? No, you do not have to get your bedroom to match your bathroom. It is a thing of choice, and it is up to you.

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