Can I Change the Color of My Kitchen Cabinets? | What’s the Easiest Way to Change My Cabinet Color?

If you are continually using your kitchen, you might ask yourself, "Can I change the color of my kitchen cabinets?" Well, why not? You can change the color of your kitchen cabinet by yourself without any stress. It doesn't require too much to do, and if you feel that you can't do it on your own, you can hire professionals to do it.

Changing the color of your kitchen cabinet can also inspire you to do more with your kitchen space. You can even be inspired to create new recipes just by merely changing your kitchen cabinet color. New colors give an airy feeling to your area.

Cost of Changing Colors

Can I Change the Color of My Kitchen Cabinets

As said earlier, it is relatively cheap to change the color of your kitchen cabinets. It is not expensive to do. The total cost of changing your kitchen cabinet depends on the price of paint you might be planning to use. Quality Paints are usually more expensive.

Stripping Old Color

The first step of changing the color of your kitchen cabinets will be to strip the old colors. You can clean off the old paint on the cabinets by using carefully formulated solutions that you wed sure will not ruin your kitchen cabinet's material.

Disassembling Your Cabinet

When you have stripped off the old colors from the kitchen cabinets, you should then go on and disassemble the cabinets. You should remove the cabinet doors, drawers, and shelves. It will make it easier for you to work on when they are dismantled. If they are still attached, you might find it a little challenging repainting them. Try not to mix the cabinet doors or shelves up as they might start to get loose after some time. You can do this by carefully marking the doors and frames so that you can easily separate them.

Marking for Easy Identification

Can I Change the Color of My Kitchen Cabinets

When you have disassembled the doors and shelves and have also carefully marked the for easy identification, you can go on and clean them again with a degreaser. Cleaning with a degreaser will help get rid of any first. You don't want to be painting dirty cabinets at all.

Using Sandpaper to Smoothen the Cabinet Surface 

Your cabinet doors and shelves may feel a little rough, and if you paint them, you might see bumps on them. They won't be as smooth as you want them to be. A trick to smoothing the cabinets doors and shelves is to clean them with sandpapers. Using sandpaper on the cabinet will smooth out any rough spots.

Can I Change the Color of My Kitchen Cabinets

Priming Your Cabinet

Before you begin to paint your cabinet, you need to prime it first with a paint primer. Priming your cabinets will help you to paint it properly. The paint will also be able to last for a long time if the cabinets are primed.

Painting Your Cabinet

After you have correctly primed your cabinets, the doors, and the shelves, you can then go o to start painting them. You want to take your time painting each door, each frame so that it doesn't come out looking hurried. Don't overcoat the cabinet doors or shelves with so much paint or start to break off when they are dry.

It would help if you took your time painting the doors, especially since you will be opening the quite often before reaching inside the cabinets. If your doors are disassembled and detached from the cabinet, it will be easier to paint them.

Using a Sealant

Using a Sealant

When you have painted your cabinets, you should give it a couple of days to dry properly. Don't try to use any artificial dryer as it might make the paint to crack off sooner than you think. Allow the cabinet to air dry. 

Asides your primer, you can apply a sealant after you have painted your cabinets. Applying a sealant to aa painted cabinet will allow the paint to stay for a long time, and it will also provide a glossy finish to the cabinet. If you don't have a printer, you can work with a sealant. It is better to work with both.

Reassembling Your Cabinet

Reassemble all of the parts of your cabinets when you have finished painting them. If you marked your cabinet parts, it would be easy to fit them back in without any issues. Ensure that you screw in nuts properly; you don't want to have open cabinet doors or shelves. 

That is it. Your new cabinets are ready for use.


"Can I change the color of my kitchen cabinet?" Definitely! You can do this by yourself as well.

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