How to Decorate With Farmhouse Beads? | Unique Ways to Use Wood Beads in Your Home Decor

Farm House beads usually add a honey feeling to someone’s home or room. Luckily, how to decorate with farmhouse beads is relatively easy. Farmhouse beads come in different styles, designs, and colors. The most popular colors are usually white and brown, but those are not the only colors of farmhouse beads available. You can learn how to string the beads b yourself as well as it is not difficult to do

Decorating Vases and Plant Pots

You can decide to drape your farmhouse beads around a vase filled with flowers. It helps to beautify the vase while also drawing attention to the beads. You can also decide to decorate your home with farmhouse beads by draping around plant pots and then setting the plant’s container in the middle of a room where it is sure that they will be seen immediately. A tip to drawing attention to the beads is by selecting bold-colored beads. 

Hanging on Walls

Hanging on Walls

You can also decide to hang your farmhouse beads on your living room walls or your bedroom walls. You can hang them around paintings, frames, or pictures too. Just like said earlier, check the color of your living room to decide whether you want bold colored beads.

Hanging on Doorknobs

Hanging on Doorknobs

Some people even decide to decorate their space with farmhouse beads by hanging it on their doorknobs since that is usually the entry to their homes. The only downside to hanging farmhouse beads on doorknobs is that they can easily slip out and fall from the doorknobs.

Draping Over Bookshelves 

You can decide to drape your farmhouse beads over books that might be on shelves, on a coffee table, or around your dining room area. Drape the farmhouse beads over the books, and when you are done reading a book with farmhouse beads draped over it, you can replace the farmhouse beads again. Never forget to do this.

Draping Over Wreaths

If you see a fan of wreaths and live hanging it around your house, whether on your door it on your walls, you can also droop your farmhouse beads around the wreaths. It will help divert attention to it, and it also adds decoration to your home.

Decorating Your Fireplace 

If you have a fireplace, you can get a long string of farmhouse beads and hang it around the fireplace if you want to. When there is a fire, you will notice how striking the beads look over the fireplace.

Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration

During Christmas time, if you have a Christmas tree in your living room or your home, instead of only going for the conventional Christmas bulbs, you can also add a taste of traditional decoration to the tree by decorating it with the farmhouse beads. It adds a classic style to your home when you do this.

Decorating Small Furniture 

If you have any small furniture in your home, such as a bookshelf or a small coffee table, you can drape the farmhouse beads around the furniture. You can also put the heads in a tray or an open plate 

Where to Purchase Farmhouse Beads

How to Decorate With Farmhouse Beads

You can purchase farmhouse beads in a local store or at a supermarket and string it yourself. Online stores like Etsy and Amazon are also known to sell farmhouse beads, and you can select the design you want. There are different designs of the farmhouse beads available in online stores since it isn’t just one person selling. You can decide on the price that you can also pay.

Color Customization

How to Decorate With Farmhouse Beads

Another advantage of purchasing these beads in online stores is that you can ask for color customization. If you love a particular color, you can request that the color be made available to you.

There are so many ways that farmhouse beads can be used to decorate a home. One interesting fact is that farmhouse beads can fit any style of home. It doesn’t matter if it is a traditional home, a modern home, or any home style, farmhouse beads will always go with the house as long as that space is decorated correctly. 

Farmhouse beads work specifically for farmhouse-style hone as there is some cozy and homey feeling that is usually associated with it. If you are looking to spice up w small space in your home, you can use farmhouse beads for that.


If you also have an office space that is entirely private to you, you can use farmhouse beads to decorate it. There is no limit as to how to decorate with farmhouse beads.

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