How to Get Bed Bugs Out of Couch? | Do It Yourself Bed Bug Control

Are you wondering about how to get bed bugs out of couches? It is effortless to do once you are sure you have a bedbug infestation and not just another insect type. You need first to understand that bedbugs move quite quickly. They can be in your bedroom on this day, and the next day they are in your living room on your couches.

Bedbugs Migrate Easily

It isn’t relatively easy stopping these insects from moving around, especially knowing the daft that their bites can be quite painful. When they bite, you feel the sting immediately, and it is also quite distracting. Imagine watching your favorite show, and a bedbug decides to bite you. Talk about distraction.

How to Get Bed Bugs Out of Couch

Painful and Itchy Bites

The bites of bedbugs are quite itchy asides being painful. One minute you are sitting down, and the next minute you are scratching your body where you were bitten by the bedbug, trying to relieve yourself of the itchy bites. Sometimes, you might have to apply ointments or creams that could soothe the itch.

Foul Odor

Bedbugs also have this foul odor that they emit when they are killed will hands or fingers. That particular spot where they were killed might even smell for a while. The smell is not at all pleasant.

Before you apply the tips that we would be sharing about how to get bedbugs out of couches, you need to confirm that you are dealing with bedbugs and not just another insect. If the insects you are battling with are not bedbugs, you might need to apply different methods.

How to Get Bed Bugs Out of Couch

How to Identify Bedbugs and Their Eggs

You can use a simple way to identify bedbugs by getting a plastic card, whether an old credit card or an old school id card. Wrap the card with sticky tape and then go through your couch’s crevices so that some bedbugs can stick on the plastic card. Examine the card and the bed bugs on it to confirm your suspicion.

Other times, you might check to see the types of eggs that the bed bugs lay on your couch. The eggs of bedbugs are relatively easy to identify. They are usually milky white and tiny.

How to Identify Bedbugs and Their Eggs

Washing Your Couch Fabrics

When you are sure or have confirmed that you are dealing with a bedbug infestation, you need to strip your couch of any fabric. It could be couch covers, throw pillows covers, and any other covering. Wash the materials with hot water to get rid of eggs and bed bugs. Allow the fabric to sun-dry for a couple of days so that the sun’s heat can kill the eggs that survived and kill any bedbug that might have survived the washing machine.

Vacuum Cleaning Couches

When you have washed your couch fabrics, you need to use a vacuum cleaner and clean the couch thoroughly. Take your vacuum cleaner and go through the corners of your couch. Suck in any bedbug that might be there. Put the vacuum cleaner in a high force that is capable of sucking in anything quickly. When you have cleaned your couch properly, empty any bedbugs you might have caught in a sealable bag so that they don’t escape.

When you are sure you have done an excellent job of vacuum cleaning your couch, take the sealable bag outside your house and dump it or set it on fire so that you are sure that the bed bugs die.

Sun-drying Your Couch

It is advisable that after you vacuum clean your chair, you should take it outside and allow the sun to dry it. Sun-drying your chair will help to kill any bedbugs that might still be there. You might be wondering how you can sun-dry your chair without dating it. You can cover your couch in a plastic bag and place it under the sun for a few days. The great from the sun will be enough to kill any bedbugs that might still be alive.

Inspect your chair again with a magnifying glass to see if there are still any bedbugs left.

Steaming Your Couch

You can also decide to steam your chair to kill any bedbug eggs. Take your steamer and attack every corner of your chair so that any bedbug eggs can be killed.

Using Insecticides

The next thing you want to do after sun drying and steaming your chair will be to spray it with an insecticide. Insecticides will help to kill the bedbugs and prevent them from coming back again. Two types of insecticides are available in the market. There are chemical insecticides and also natural insecticides.

Many people choose chemical insecticides over natural ones because they feel that the effects of natural insecticides do not last for a more extended period when compared to chemical insecticides. Whichever one you use, you should also check your couch for one week to see if the bedbugs came back or not.

Bedbug Interceptors

You can also purchase bedbug interceptors known to stop the bedbugs from crawling up to your couch. The bedbugs interceptors usually are placed under the sofa.


Are you still wondering about how to get bed bugs out of couches? Follow these tips and solutions and become bedbug-free.

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