How to Remove Back of Recliner Sofa? | 3 Ways to Dismantle a Recliner Sofa

How to remove back of recliner sofa? can be done in three methods. You might want to remove your recliner sofa’s back for several reasons, possibly cleaning. You don’t need any tools for two methods, while you might need a spanner to unfasten a bolt for one of the ways.


The first method is relatively easy to do. It requires you to release levers. The levers also called locking levers, keep the back of the recliner sofa in place and help it not move. When you can remove the locking levers, you will take apart the back of the recliner sofa.

The first thing you need to do to release the locking levers is raise your sofa and raise the back upholstery. You can’t unlock the levers without lifting the sofa up.

When your sofa is tilted up, and you can see the back of the upholstery, you should then go ahead and locate the levers. You should check the sofa’s sides to find the levers as the loving levers are usually situated at the sofa’s frames. The locking levers generally point downwards, so it shouldn’t be easy to miss. Most couches or some sofas do not have the locking levers at the sides of the sofas. The locking levers are usually located in between the seams of the upholstery. Put your hands in between the seam and unlock the levers.

You can use your fingertips to unlock the levers. If you feel that it is too strong for you to use your fingers, you can get a screwdriver to unfasten the levers. When you unlock the levers, you will be able to remove the back of the seat. It is entirely simple to follow this method, and it should take you about twenty to thirty minutes to do. Make sure that you position yourself correctly so that your sofa doesn’t fall on your legs. It would help if you tried to avoid any accidents.

Unlock the Levers

If your recliner sofa doesn’t come with locking levers, it will have some bolted bars to keep the seat’s back in place. For this second method, you have to try to remove the bars or unbolt it before you can remove the back of the recliner sofa.

To find the bolting bars, you have to move your seat around and turn it upwards until you can see the sofa’s bar. In total, there should be about three bars. Some sofas have two bars. You should see that the bars are connected from one end of the couch to the other.

When you have successfully located the bolting bars, you can go ahead to have them unscrewed. You can do this using a screwdriver, a small spanner, or a drill. Do this carefully without hurting yourself if you are a first-timer.

You might find it hard trying to hold your sofa in an upwards position while at the same time trying to unscrew the bars. The best thing to do will be to enlist the help of someone who will help hold the sofa whole you unscrew the bars.

How to Remove Back of Recliner Sofa

What you might also be quick to notice is that your bars are often secured or connected with square Robertson screws. You can not use any other screwdriver or drill to unfasten the bars. You will have to use Robertson’s drive bits to unscrew the bolts safely.


The third method of removing the back of a receiver sofa involves you holding your sofa while trying to locate the metal hooks, also called the levers that are keeping the sofa’s back in place. Before you can unhook it, you have to, first of all, remove the fabric covering the back of the couch.

How to Remove Back of Recliner Sofa

Like you did in the first method, lift the hooks until the recliner sofa’s back is removed. The only difference between this third method and the first method is that you don’t have to remove the sofa’s fabric in the first method while pulling the sofa’s material in the third method.


How to remove the back of a recliner sofa is made easy if you follow the necessary steps and apply safety measures. You wouldn’t want your sofa talking on you and injuring you in the process.

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