How to Install Led Strip Lights in Closet? | 6 Genius Hacks for Led Strip Lights

How to install LED Strip lights in closet?t requires a little bit of attention to some specific details. The need to install LED strip lights in a closet usually arises when it is hard to find or locate clothing items in a wardrobe that is either walkable or a closet that has a large space where you need to stretch a little to find things.

Without LED strip light, you will notice that your closet is usually scattered and disorganized. After all, you are throwing things around the closet because you can not see anything. With LED strip lights, your wardrobe will be well organized.

Time Required 

For this DIY project of installing LED strip lights in a closet, it should take about an hour depending on how many strips of lights you will be using and the level of experience you may have. If you don’t have so much knowledge and you are oy trying to wire your closet for the first time, you might take a longer time with it.

The Positioning of the Led Strip Lights

Your LED strip lights are to be install LED around the door frame of your closet. It should go round the door frame so that your close will have adequate light. If the door frame is not lighted correctly, you will not have much light in your closet. Mounting the LED strip lights around your door frame is dependent on you. 

Some people do not like to mount the LED strip lights around their door frames. They will instead mount it underneath the cloth shelves or around their shelves. Whichever method you choose, you need to make sure that the light pours into your closet properly lights it.

Also, make sure that the door frame has evenly distributed lights. If the strip lights are not adequately allocated around your door frame, some areas or parts of your closet might not be lighted like they are supposed to.

Connecting Your Lights to a Socket or a Battery 

You might be wondering where your LED lights will be connected to. You can decide to mount a socket that will connect to your LED lights. When purchasing the socket, it should be compatible with your LED strip lights. There are different sockets in the market, so you should try to buy the right one.

You can also decide to have your LED strip lights connected to a wall outlet. In turn, the wall outlet will be connected to a battery that is going to be able to power the LED lights. Some people usually find additional batteries quite expensive, and they typically opt for wall sockets.

Tips to Follow Before Installing Your Lights 

How to Install Led Strip Lights in Closet

Before you start wiring your strip lights, you have to make sure that you have tested the LED strip lights first. Trying the LED strip lights will help you know if you are dealing with quality lights and help you see if you need to change them.

Before you also start connecting any wirings, make sure that you have turned off any source of power responsible for wiring any sockets so that you don’t run the risk of electrocution. Sources of power should only be turned in when you are sure that you are finished installing the LED strip lights.


First of all, you need to measure your wall to know the required LED strip lights supposed to go around the door frame. You should adjust the LED strip lights by cutting off any excesses where it is market. Always Cut the LED strip lights at the markings provided on it.

If you decide to wire your LED strip lights underneath your shelves, you should also measure the area underneath your racks so that the lights can go through that area correctly. Adjust the LED lights accordingly.


When purchasing your LED strip lights, always make sure that you are buying or have an LED supply driver at hand. Your LED supply driver is what is responsible for providing power to the LED strip lights. The LED supply driver is also available in varying shoes and sizes. Sometimes, the LED supply driver can be bulky.

You have to determine where you want to install the LED supply driver. Depending on you, you can decide to mount it behind one of your closet shelves. Many people typically mount the LED supply driver under cabinets in their kitchens. Wherever you are mounting it, it should be easily accessible.


You should also decide on what type of switch will go with your LED strip lights. There are regular switches available in appliances stores while there are magnetic switches. Magnetic switches can be expensive, but they do not need to be changed as often as traditional switches.


You should also have an LED dimmer. The LED dimmer will be able to regulate the amount of power your strip lights are to get. The LED dimmer is going to control the brightness of the strip lights. It is not necessary to have an LED dimmer, but it can come in handy sometimes.


Once you have every necessary tool or equipment at your disposal, you can go into the first step of installing LED strip lights in your closet, which involves wiring. Wiring is one of the main steps as, without it, you will only have the necessary power. You will notice that there are to colors of wires in the LED strip lighting system. There is a red wire, and there is also a black wire. Identify these wires correctly before you go onto install the LED strip lights around your door.

You have to know where your wiring will go through. Your wiring doesn’t necessarily have to go through your wall; you can decide to have the waiting go through your ceiling if you don’t want to put a dent on your walls.

Your red wire is supposed to go through your wall or your closet walls, and it should also go through your magnetic switch. You can read your manual that comes with the lighting system as it might be different to position your wire depending on what brand of strip lights you might be getting for your closet.

When your red wire gas has gone through your magnetic switch, it should come out to connect to the black wire at your LED dimmer outlet. Your receive should always connect to your LED dimmer outlet; if it doesn’t connect to the black wire at this point, then you didn’t fo the wiring correctly.

When your black wire has connected to the red wire at the dimmer outlet, the dimmer outlet itself will join o the other wires of the LED strip lights. Make sure that all the cables are properly connected so that you can get the required power.


When you are done with your writing, it is time to start mounting your LED strip lights around your door frame. The LED strip lights should go round the door frame correctly, and it should also be evenly distributed. Poorly distribute lights will jot supply the required brightness in your closet.

You can run so many strip lights around your door frame. It depends on how bright you want your closet to be. If you wish to have a dimly lit closet, you wouldn’t need to run many LED strip lights.

Also, your LED supply driver should be able to carry the number of strip lights that you will be installing. You might need to have a bigger LED supply driver if you will be running many strip lights, or there won’t be enough power supplied to the strip lights.

Quality Lights 

How to Install Led Strip Lights in Closet

Always make sure that you choose quality lights for your closet. It would help if you chose quality lights so that you wouldn’t have to keep replacing the lights earlier than they should be replaced. Always go for reputable brands of strip lights that have warranties.

Quality Battery

If you decide not to use a sicker for your LED strip light and decide to go for a battery instead, make sure that you put have a quality battery that has a long life, and that wouldn’t die on you prematurely. Quality should be your watchword unless you can afford to spend on a replacement.

Colors of Lights

Colors of Lights

Choose the color of your strip lights to match your taste every time. You can decide to use colored strip lights if you can tone it down by using warm-colored strip lights. It is dependent on your preference.

Testing Your Lights 

Testing Your Lights

Testing your LED lights, as earlier said, is quite essential. If the store where you bought your LED strip lights will jit allow you to return defected strip lights, you should have them test the strip lights in the store before you take it home. Ensure that the strip lights are working correctly.

Measuring Your Lights

Measuring Your Lights

Also, it would help if you had your lights measured. You can take measurement of your door frame or underneath your shelves and then take it to the appliances stores where you will be purchasing the LED strip lights. They will be able to endure the strip lights for you properly without any errors.


How to install LED strip lights in the closet is relatively easy and can be a fun DIY project for anyone. It saves you the cost of hiring a professional to do it for you.

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