How to Decorate Bedroom for Newly Married Couple? | Unique And Affordable Home Décor Ideas

How to decorate bedroom for newly married couple is a relatively simple thing to do if you understand their choices, needs and what styles of furniture it wall paints that they might want in their rooms. A newly married couple’s room should be very comfortable. The couple shouldn’t feel like they are strangers in their bedroom. 

Their room is supposed to spark more romance and make them feel comfortable than before. If the aim of this is defeated, the couple might not even enjoy the room at the end of the day, and they will seek to have it redesigned. The couple’s room should have a feel of luxury, it is their personal space, but if it feels to luxury to the point that it doesn’t have q homey feel to it, they might not enjoy the room at the end of the day. While being luxurious, it should be homey.

Now, we know that the couple’s new room might have so much space that a room decorator might work with. They are entrusting their place to you to work on, and if you don’t utilize it, you might make the room feel overwhelming for them, and this is what you want to try to avoid at all levels.

Dealing With Disagreements on Styles

How to Decorate Bedroom for Newly Married Couple

The couple might also be very different. Nobody is the same; one might be interested in a fun style while the other might want the room to be down to earth and not overbearing. You have to be able to mix both of their styles so that it can suit them properly. If you use one person’s style without the other, they will feel excluded.

Their room might feel alien to them, so you want to try to make them adjust to it by making the space feel comfortable; their styles should be matched with each other when the room is being decorated.

Sometimes, when you are decorating the room or about to take down ideas for the room decoration, you might find out that the couple might have disagreements when it comes to picking out a style for the room. They might disagree on the colors that should be used, the style, the furniture, and everything that decorates a new place. You have to figure out ways of setting any disagreements between the couples at all times. If you don’t settle disputes that come with decorating the new room, you might make the newly married couple drift away from each other.

You have to ensure that they agree on something together. The couple should be able to come to a consensus when it comes to deciding on what color of paint or what type of furniture the couple might want to use in the room.

How to Decorate Bedroom for Newly Married Couple

You might notice that the men are incredibly excited about some colors when you are working with couples. Some of these colors that men prefer most times are dark colors or neutral colors like black, grey, white, etc. The women might not be particularly interested in these colors, and they might even prefer colors like yellow, pink, blue, and other brighter colors because it gives some airy feeling to the room. These differences in tastes are what will cause disagreements and quarrels on how the room will be decorated.

It is your job as a room decorator or an interior designer to find a neutral color to the couple but that they will be in love with. The color you will pick for them should cut across the spectrum of colors that are the couple’s personal favorites.

The colors that you will end up working with for the couple should involve you combining their favorite colors. You should be able to mix the colors so that it gives a new color. If the woman loves pink, and her husband loves white, you can incorporate both colors in the room. The room should reflect both of their styles and preferences.

Colors like gold, burgundy, peach, or even gray might be neutral to the couple. You will find out that they will accept those colors because their individual preferences are reflected in it.

Utilizing the Space Available 

How to Decorate Bedroom for Newly Married Couple

When it comes to using the space available for decorating the room, you want to exercise your judgment on it correctly. If you don’t use the room available properly, you won’t have happy couples. Space shouldn’t be cramped with so much furniture; neither should little room furniture be used or else, the room will feel empty to the newly married couples.

If the couple has too much space in their hands, they might feel like they are apart, making them uncomfortable. Similarly, if space is cramped up with furniture, they might feel like they are suffocating. 

It would help if you asked the couples what they want. Ask them if they intend to use their rooms for social activities. If they reply in the affirmative, you can make the room spacious for them, but if they want their bedroom to feel private, you will have to work with that.

How to Decorate Bedroom for Newly Married Couple

Also, when you are decorating their room, you should use good and quality furniture that reflects the tastes and styles of the couple. Another area where they might disagree is the type of furniture that should be in the room.

Ask the couple what type of wall paint they want; If the newly married couple tell you that they want to change the colors of their walls whenever they want, it means that you will have to use wallpapers instead as that will give them the flexibility of changing their walls any time they feel like it.

You can also ask the couple if they want any accessories like candles and flowers in their room. It will help to give the room a fresh feeling while being homey too.


If you are still not sure about how to decorate a bedroom for a newly married couple, you should try to create something that they will find unique to themselves. Don’t try to influence the couple with your ideas because they might not find it easy later when they might want to redesign.

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