How to Sharpen a Hollow Tine Aerator | Aerator Tine Maintenance

How to sharpen a hollow tine aerator is quite easy if you follow the steps that will be given below. Your hollow tine aerator helps make the process of aerating your soil or lawn a straightforward one. Your lawn should be aerated once in a while to decrease the effect of compassion on the ground. Many factors can cause this compaction, and it includes people stepping on the lawn frequently or traffic that the yard gets. 

Your hollow tine aerator can get dull like many other tools, and it might be expensive trying to replace it. Why not save yourself some cash by just sharpening it? Why replace an aerator that might be expensive when you can give it a few sharpening strokes?

Aeration increases or helps nutrients, water, and air to go into your soil or lawn. You must aerate your lawn or soil once in a while. If you don’t, it might be continuously dry all through the season. Aeration is best done during the growing or rainy season when the soil is usually moist. When the soil is moist, it allows aerating tools to go into the ground smoothly without causing damage.

How to Sharpen a Hollow Tine Aerator

How to Sharpen a Hollow Tine Aerator

To sharpen your hollow tine aerator, you only need a file or a tool sharpener. A sharpening file is easier to use, and it is easily accessible. You can order one from online shoos or get one from an appliance shop for some dollars. It isn’t expensive, although the cost is also dependent on its quality.

You will need to put on your gloves before you start sharpening your hollow tine aerator. If you are not careful with sharpening your gardening tools, you might injure yourself, which is something to avoid. Thick gloves will be able to protect your fingers from being cut.

You can hold your hollow tine using a holding bench. A holding bench will ensure that the aerator doesn’t slip from your hands while sharpening it. If it slips from your hands, it can cut you or make it quite exhausting for you.

Once you have everything in place, start sharpening your aerator. You can start with four strokes and increase it as you go. If you are not satisfied with how sharp the aerator is, you can intensify the strokes you are using to sharpen the aerator. Ensure that you don’t run the aerator over your hands to see if it is sharp or not. You will only expose yourself to injuries or bruises. 

To check if your aerator is sharp or not, stick it into your soil or lawn, and if it goes in smoothly, then it is sharpened, but if it doesn’t, you might need to sharpen it again.

You can sharpen your hollow tine aerator once in a year or twice a year. It depends on how often you use the aerator, and it also depends on the quality of the aerator.


How to Sharpen a Hollow Tine Aerator

Lubricating your aerator after you sharpen it will keep the rust away, and it will allow it to stay sharp for a more extended period.

How to Deal With Rust

A hollow tine aerator is one of the best aerating tools that you can find in the market. The hollow tine aerator thins out the surface thatch of your lawn or soil if you are using one, and it helps to get rid of cores from the garden or the ground. A sharp hollow tine dies this job better because it can go into the soil easily even if you are not using it during the growing season or rainy season. 

Sharpening Your hollow tine aerator will help it dig into the ground quickly, and it will also go deeper into it.

Sometimes, your hollow tine aerator might be rusting. You mustn’t just leave your hollow tine aerator anywhere, especially where there is water or where the room is moist. It would help if you hung it in a cool, dry place after using it. If your tine aerator is already rusting, you can quickly clean out the rust, so you don’t need to worry too much about it. The only tool you will need is sandpaper. Go through each of the tines of the aerator to get rid of rust.


It would help if you learned how to sharpen a hollow tine aerator to enjoy its full benefits.

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