How Can Sleeping on a Bad Pillow Cause Vertigo | Sleeping Positions that Can Combat Vertigo

Our pillows and mattresses are made of different materials that are supposed to aid us when we are sleeping and make sleeping comfortable. Imagine napping on an uncomfortable bed; you are going to wake up with neck and bad pains. Did you know that sleeping on a bad pillow can make your vertigo bad? You might be asking, “How can sleeping on a bad pillow cause vertigo?” To clear you on something, sleeping on a bad pillow doesn’t directly cause vertigo, but it can make your vertigo worse than it already was. 

It increases your symptoms, and it can be a very uncomfortable experience for anyone who is suffering from it.

Vertigo comes with dizzying spells or fainting spells. You always have the urge to lie down and drift off. Many people do not even know that they are suffering from vertigo until they go to a doctor when their symptoms become terrible or become a threat to their health. Vertigo is caused by an infection that affects the inner ear. Many people might report the loss of hearing at the end of the day, but vertigo is often characterized by fainting and dizzying spells. 

Firm Pillows and Vertigo

How does a bad pillow contribute to all of these? If you are always lying down on your ear on a firm pillow that is uncomfortable, you might be contributing to your symptoms of you could be making your symptoms worse. It would be best if you stopped lying down on your affected ear.

Lack of Sleep

Also, if you are not getting enough sleep or are not sleeping for the stipulated amount of time, usually eight hours for adults and nine hours for children, you will contribute to your symptoms. You will notice that your symptoms are getting worse, even if you are taking your medications. There are so many things that can add to a bad night or lack of sleep. 

A bad pillow and mattress are contributory factors to a bad night. If your pillow is uncomfortable, you will keep tossing and turning on your bed, and at the end of the night, you will not get enough sleep like you are supposed to get

How Can Sleeping on a Bad Pillow Cause Vertigo

Bed Wedge Pillows

There are different types of pillows that manufacturers are now making to help people with vertigo. One of these pillows is the bed wedge pillow. It helps you to elevate your head while sleeping. Your head is raised higher than you’d neck while you are lying down in your back. This sleeping position and the pillow decrease your symptoms and help you sleep comfortably without tossing all night on your bed. Do you now see how a good pillow can lessen your symptoms of vertigo? 

When your head is elevated, your ears are not pressed against your pillow, thereby preventing blood circulation to your ear. When your blood flow is disrupted, the resultant effect is that parts of your body that need the constant circulation of blood are often affected. A right pillow prevents this from happening.

Soft Pillows and Vertigo

It is essential that if you are suffering from vertigo that you do not sleep on very soft or hard pillows. It would help if you got moderately soft pillows so that they don’t affect you. Very soft pillows can sink your head and ear in their materials, and the fabrics that the pillows are made from can cover your ears. You will start to hear muffled sounds by the time that you are awake. 

These sounds will trigger your dizzying or fainting spells, and before you are aware of it, you are collapsing on the floor or holding on to something so that you don’t fall.

Traveling While Suffering From Vertigo

How Can Sleeping on a Bad Pillow Cause Vertigo

Some people are usually scared to travel because of their vertigo. It might be that they are going somewhere that the pillows that are specially made for them are not available. How do they cope with this? Luckily for you, if you are suffering from vertigo and want to travel, there are traveling pillows specially made for vertigo sufferers. The pillow is portable, and you can carry it anywhere you want because of its size. If you are on a flight and need to rest your head, take out your travel pillow, open it, and rest your head.

Essential Oils

You can also put drops of essential oils in your pillow to make it more comfortable and reading for you. Essentials oils are known to be relaxing for many people, and they have been used for health purposes. You can spray essential oils like lavender and rosehip oil on your pillow before you go to bed to have a good night’s rest.


Vertigo should not stop you from living your life at all. Many people don’t know that their pillows contribute to a bad night, and they are always found asking how can sleeping on a bad pillow cause vertigo or increase it. Well, now you know and can prevent it from happening.

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