How Does an Electric Pencil Sharpener Work | Electric Pencil Sharpener Repair

How does an electric pencil sharpener work? What us the mechanism behind it? A typical sharpener has a small blade inside of it, but you are the one who will be doing all the work by twisting it around the blade so that it can shave it off and reveal a new tip.

An electric sharpener works almost in the same way, but instead of you being the one doing most of the work, there is a more inside that has powered by electricity that shaves the wood to reveal the pencils lead. It is easier to use an electric sharpener than a manual one. An electric sharpener is a small appliance or a tool. 

It is portable, so if you want to travel, you can easily carry it around in a bag. Roll the cord of the sharpener around it and put it in a bag. The electric sharpener is almost the size of a stapler.

The sharpener has a motor inside it that turns the blade that sharpens a pencil at a very high speed. Most electric sharpeners have two narrowed blades that cut or file at a horizontal space. The blades are very sharp, and that is why they are efficient.

Rust Preventive Materials

ow Does an Electric Pencil Sharpener Work

The blade of an electric sharpener is often coated with a rust preventive material to prevent the blades from rusting and affecting your pencils. You can order this rust preventive material to glaze the blades whenever you notice that it is wearing off.

With an electric sharpener, the pencils are sharpened quickly and effortlessly. All you have to do is insert it into the machine, and after a few seconds, the pencil will be sharpened. The device is suitable for use in offices where there is much work that needs to be done. The manual sharpeners that most people use usually give blunt edges and tips to pencils, which is why many people shy away from using them. Some sharpeners that are powered manually can bruise you if they are not used correctly or as they are supposed to. 

Electricity or Batteries

How Does an Electric Pencil Sharpener Work

Most pencil sharpeners can be charged using electricity or can use batteries to power them. Using a battery-powered sharpener can be a little expensive as you will always need to replace the batteries after some months of use. The electric sharpener doesn’t need this at all.

You will lubricate some parts of the electric sharpener from time to time to prevent friction and to maintain the efficiency and speed at which the sharpener works. Friction will make the blade not to do an excellent job at sharpening pencils as it should. You can use a gel-based lubricant for this purpose.

Clogging From Wood Shavings

You should note that just because the electric sharpener does a good job doesn’t mean that it can’t get clogged from the wood shavings from the pencil that it is sharpening. You will need to empty the shavings tray so that the sharpener can work like it is supposed to.

Cleaning Your Sharpeners

It would be best if you cleaned your electric sharpener every week to prevent dirt or debris from accumulating and spoiling a few parts of the machine. Aside from wood shavings, dust can clog up the device, and you will see it around the tip of the pencil.

Sharpening Dull Blades 

Your sharpener blade can get dull after some time. To sharpen it, you will need to disassemble the tool itself and get a file to sharpen the blades. Your blades Will appreciate you for this. You don’t need to replace the sharpener entirely because the blade is dull.

Replacing Your Blades

You will need to replace your electric sharpener after a couple of gears. The motor at this time won’t be as efficient as before, and you might notice that your pencils are breaking off and that their edges are looking jagged as well. It is at this point that you will need to replace it.

Disassembling the Machine

You might need to disassemble the electric sharpener to clean the parts of the tool properly. Disassembling it might come in handy when you need to sharpen the blades or coat it with the rust preventive film. Be careful when you are doing this so that you don’t injure yourself.


An electric sharpener is often advantageous because of how efficient it is. How does an electric sharpener work? If you pay attention most times, you will hear the motors running at high speed to sharpen the pencil.

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