Can You Wash a Tempurpedic Pillow | Cleaning Tips

Tempurpedic pillows are very comfortable and allow you to sleep without any stress at all, but can you wash a Tempurpedic pillow? The answer is a simple no. No, it would help if you didn’t wash your Tempurpedic pillow. There is so much that can go wrong if you make that decision. Yes, it is right for you to sanitize, disinfect, and clean the area where you sleep. 

It would be best if you always cleaned your sleeping area to prevent bacteria and germs from finding a breeding ground. A poorly cleaned sleeping area can cause damages to your skin and make sleeping very uncomfortable. Sleeping will start to feel like an exercise rather than a natural activity.

Washing your Tempurpedic pillow can cause the pillow to expand and distort. When this happens, your pillow will begin to lose its original shape. Loss of form will make sleeping uncomfortable for you.

If you wash your Tempurpedic pillow, it might grow mold and become a breeding ground for different types of germs and bacteria. The materials that a Tempurpedic pillow is made from does not give the pillow the privilege to go into the water without harming it.

So, if you can’t wash your Tempurpedic pillow, how do you clean it then? There are many cleaning methods to adopt if you want to sanitize your Tempurpedic pillow or clean it. You should try your best to choose the proper cleaning method for this.

The Steps You Can Take to Clean Your Tempurpedic Pillow Include as Follows

Wash the Cover of the Pillow

The cover of a Tempurpedic pillow is like that of any regular pillow. The cover, which is also called a pillowcase, should be washed often to keep away germs. You should note that the pillow cover is different from the pillow itself, so you shouldn’t get confused. Different pillow covers are made of different materials, you need to wash the Tempurpedic pillow cover according to what washing instructions are given. The pillow cover prevents the Tempurpedic pillow from getting stained as well.

Air Drying Your Pillow

When you have washed your pillow cover, the next step you will take will be to ventilate the Tempurpedic pillow yourself. You will need to roll the pillow and put it in an arid room and allow it air dry. Please don’t attempt to put your pillow in a damp room to dry as it can cause the pillow to have an odor.

Can You Wash a Tempurpedic Pillow

Never attempt to wash your pillow. It would be best if you only allowed it to air dry for a minimum of twenty-four hours and a maximum of forty-eight hours after which you unroll it and cover it with the pillow cover.

It would be best if you never put your pillow in a dryer to ventilate it, you will only ruin the pillow’s material. You should also not attempt to use a handheld dryer to freshen it as the great from the dryer can ruin the pillow.

Cleaning Off Stains

Can You Wash a Tempurpedic Pillow

Sometimes, you can unintentionally get your pillow stained. To clean it, take off the pillowcase and wash it first. If you noticed that the stain touched the Tempurpedic pillow, you could clean it, but if the pillow were left unharmed, there would be no need to clean it. To clean stains, get a damp cloth and lightly rub it in the stain until you clean it then ventilate the pillow by allowing it to air dry.

Do not use harsh chemicals or detergents to clean your pillow. You risk having your pillow destroyed, or you can make it unsanitary. Harsh chemicals and cleaners shorten the life span of the pillow as well. It is best to use mild cleaners.

Natural Cleaning Solutions That Can Be Used to Clean a Tempurpedic Pillow

If you want alternatives to harsh cleaner, you can go for natural and organic cleaners. You can get Baking Soda to clean your pillow. To do this, sprinkle some baking soda on the pillow and then ventilate it for two days. Baking soda is often referred to as a mild bleach, and it can whiten your pillow. It is also known to get rid of bad odors.

You can make a cleaning solution from water and vinegar, and whenever you want to clean stains, you spray the cleaning solution on a cloth and wipe the stains. This cleaning solution also removes odors that may have been caused by spilling liquid in the pillow.


Can you wash a Tempurpedic pillow? No, but you can follow some simple steps to clean your pillow without ruining it.

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