How to Fix a Guillotine Paper Cutter | Reasons Why a Guillotine Paper Cutter Stops Working

How to fix a guillotine paper cutter is a very task but can be dangerous. A guillotine paper cutter is a machine used to cut stacks of paper to a straight edge. This is done with a means if hinges blade that is attached to a flat surface.

How Does a Guillotine Paper Cutter Work

A guillotine paper cutter works when you first determine how many papers you went to but wt once and if the guillotine paper cutter can handle them. Then check if your machine came with a paper clamp to help you keep your papers in place, then lastly, bring your machine blade down carefully and cut your paper.

Reasons Why a Guillotine Paper Cutter Stops Working.

How to Fix a Guillotine Paper Cutter
Dull Blade

Dull blade. Your guillotine paper cutter's edge may be blunt and needs replacement or sharpening.

Greasy Paper

You might think that your machine has a problem while it's the paper you're cutting. That's the problem. Make sure to check if the stack of paper you want to cut isn't slippery.

Old Cutters

Sometimes your machine stops working because it's already worn out, and it needs upgrading. Old cutters isn't commonly a reason why a guillotine paper cutter stops working, but that might be the real problem.

Prepare Your Materials.

Before you get on with repairing your machine, make sure that your materials are available. Here are a few items that you should have before you get on with fixing your device. 

1. Safety gloves.

2. Duct tape.

3. Safety goggles.

4. Glue.

5. A sharpener in case it's the blade that is blunt.

Step 1: Dismantling.

How to Fix a Guillotine Paper Cutter

Dismantle the machine. You'd have to take apart the parts of the device to know where the problem is coming. Sometimes the problem comes from a blunt blade. Also, check the other parts of the machine so that you won't get shocked when there's still a problem later on.

Step 2: Analysing the Problem.

Once you are done checking the machine for damages and coming across one, check the damaged part to see if you are capable of fixing it, but if not, take it to a professional. If the problem comes from a blunt blade, you'd want to sharpen it using a grinding wheel or a sharpener. Then clean the blade using a solution like a simple green cleaner and gently clean the blade and reassemble it if that's the problem.

Step 3: Repairing the Cutting Arm.

First, clutch the cutting arm with the groove on the bottom facing downwards. Put the groove of the cutting arm over the cutting blade. Ensure that the end of the cutting arm is in line with the end of the cutting blade. Press's the cutting arm down until the top of the cutting blade has been attached with the groove at the cutting arm button. 

Using tape or glue, attach the side of the cutting arm to both sides of the cutting blade. Apply a piece of duct tape again to the top end of the cutting arm and smoothen it down with your fingers.

Tips and Warnings While Using a Guillotine Paper Cutter.

1. Oil the hinges of the paper cutter to keep it running smoothly.

2. Adults should supervise when kids are using the machine.

3. Your full attention is needed when handling a paper cutter to prevent injuries or someone getting hurt.

4. Try to avoid catching stuff that is falling when the machine is engaged. Allow the thing to fall because you might knock over the device when trying to find something.

5. If you notice that the machine is misbehaving or making strange noises, carefully back away from it and disengage it to avoid danger.

How to Maintain a Guillotine Paper Cutter

1. Read the instruction manual to know the care and maintenance of the machine. Use the cutter in a manner that is approved by the manufacturer in the manual.

2. Keep it indoors and avoid getting it wet to prevent damages.

3. Avoid lifting the machine often or moving it around too much. But in case you want to do so, lift it by the bottom to avoid getting cut by the blade.

4. Always keep the cutter clean and avoid using it to cut slippery papers.

5. When you want to cut a stack of documents, always make sure that the machine can handle it. Please don't put too much paper because it can make the blade of the machine blunt.

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