How to Remove Yellow Stains From White Cotton Sheets (8 Tips That Work)

How to remove yellow stains from white cotton sheets can seem impossible, but it’s easy. When we use white sheets while sleeping, we leave our sweat, body oils, body fluids, and even dead skin on the sheets, and this causes stains on them. Here are some easy steps that can help you get rid of the stains on your sheets.

Absorb the Sheet in a Solution Overnight

When you notice the stain on your sheet, soak it in a whitening solution and leave it overnight. This because of the prolonged exposure if the cloth to a whitening solution can get rid of the stains. If leaving it overnight is time-wasting, you can soak the sheets in the solution and leave it for six hours.

Washing It Twice

First, wash the sheet in normal water mixed with detergents to get rid of some dirt lingering on the clothes. Then rerun it in a mixture of lighting solutions to get rid of the stains. Don’t use bleach to wash the stains because the bleach can worsen the smudges.

Adding Blue

How to Remove Yellow Stains From White Cotton Sheets

When you add a bit of blue to a stained item, the blue will counteract it, and it will appear whiter. Purchase a pack of blue, add it to your laundry sink, and leave for a while. When you return, you will notice that the stains are whiter.

Using Vinegar

How to Remove Yellow Stains From White Cotton Sheets

Vinegar is a well known whitening agent and a fabric softener that can bleach any material. You can use vinegar to remove the stains on your sheets. Add a desired amount of vinegar to the machine or laundry sink. Then put your sheets into the solution and leave it for a while, this solution will get rid of the stains and help in neutralizing odors from your sheets.

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is also a whitening agent. If vinegar isn’t available in your home, you can use baking soda. Use baking soda, add a cup of it into the laundry tub or your machine, and add your detergent. Then wash your sheets with this mixture.

Using Lemons

Lemons are also a whitening agent. To use Lemons for whitening your sheets all you have to do is get a few lemons, slice it into any shape you want, and you can use as many lemons as you want, get a pot filled with water and add the sliced lemons, bring everything to boil for about five minutes. 

Then turn off the stove and put the sheets into the pot. Carefully stir the sheets to avoid getting burnt by the water and let the sheets absorb the mixture for about 20 minutes. Lastly, wash the sheets as you usually do with your preferred detergent.

Using Hot Water

If the stains on your sheets are old, you’d want to use hot water because it will help get rid of the stains more thoroughly. If the stains are new, use cold water instead because when you use hot water, the stains will become challenging. We use hot water on the stains because the stains are old and are difficult to come off. 

Using Borax

Borax is a whitening booster that comes in powdery form like baking soda and is excellent in removing stains from sheets. Use borax, put in your desired amount of it in your laundry sink, add water and stir so that it can absorb the borax. Then lastly, soak your sheets in the solution and leave it overnight. Extended exposure of the sheets to this mixture will remove the stains quickly.

How to Avoid Getting Your Sheets Stained

Here are some simple tips that can help you avoid stains on your sheets. 


Regular washing: Always wash your sheets at least twice a week to get rid of the dirt accumulated while using it.


Use detergent booster to help remove dirt and stains easily.


Sun drying. The sun helps in removing leftover dirt or stains that linger on our sheets after washing. While the sun is absorbing the water from our sheets while drying, it also incorporates the remaining dirt.


Avoid using chlorine bleach. Some bleaches are not meant for our clothes or sheets, so when you use them, they only worsen the stains.

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