Difference Between Rotary Hammer and Demolition Hammer | Choosing the Right Tool

The Difference Between Rotary Hammer and Demolition Hammer isn’t quite significant. In this article, we will be walking you through the differences and how to use the hammers.

Rotary Hammers

A rotary hammer comprises a drill that utilizes rotation and a hammering action that cracks or breaks up the concrete or cement as the auger rotates. Rotary hammers are constructed for everyday use. A rotary hammer can also be seen as a power utensil that can perform heavy-duty tasks, such as chiseling or reconstructing hard materials. Rotary hammers use a piston mechanism, instead of an exclusive clutch. Rotary hammers tend to be larger and provide a more significant impact force created by a technology known as the electro-pneumatic.

The electro-pneumatic is also seen as a hammering tool. A rotary hammer allows you to take on bigger and much heavier tasks, which requires less effort. It works by using SDS and a shank drill bits. A piston whit compresses a cylinder of air, locks the bit firmly by ball bearings. The machine chuck allows the bits to move upwards and downwards as the hammering mechanism hits the bit.

Functions of a Rotary Hammer

Difference Between Rotary Hammer and Demolition Hammer

The rotary hammer can be used for continuous drilling of large anchor holes. It can be used to drill through holes in concrete and masonry walls. They can break up tinier amounts of concrete and knock over other globs of surfaces. It can be used for drilling into metals and woods, it can be used to drill into larger holes at a slower rate, and it can also be used to break up the masonry so that it can be removed by the bits of the drill.

Types of a Rotary Hammer

There Are Different Types of Rotary Hammers Which is Suitable for Our Every Need


We have the Makita HR2475. It is a powerfully constructed hammer that is fast in drilling holes and very convenient to use. This tool can automatically disengage itself the moment the bit binds.


The Bosch power corded hammer is another type if rotary hammer. One of the tool’s characteristics is vibration control. This hammer is built in a way to infiltrate a concrete easily and is not massive to handle.

The Bosch RH328VC is also a very impressive hammer drill. It is incredibly easy to carry and is constructed with grips at both handles and a vibration mechanism that checks the vibration and keeps it at a minimum rate or a steady rate. It is also built with three operation modes and also provides you with 30 days refund guarantee, in case the tool doesn’t meet your expectations.


The VonHaus electric rotary hammer. This Hammer drill projects a powerful impact to have duty constructions such as the masonry and solid steel. It is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for chiseling, hammering, and rotational functions.

What a Rotary Hammer is Powered by

A rotary hammer is powered directly by electricity instead of a separate air compressor. 

A Demolition Hammer

Difference Between Rotary Hammer and Demolition Hammer

While the rotary hammer breaks up concrete as the bit rotates, the demolition hammer uses bits that pound the surface, which breaks into pieces. A demolition hammer has a significant impact on objects, and directly impose damage on the surface because the efficiency and capacity are much higher than rotary hammers. This type of hammer doesn’t feature bit rotation, which allows the appliance to solely concentrate on the infringement, chipping, and chiseling of concrete surfaces. To tackle a much bigger project, that’s where a demolition hammer comes in because it’s a much more powerful tool. 

But the rotary hammer can be used on smaller projects like drilling holes into a material. A demolition hammer is an instrument that is mainly constructed for the demolishment or destruction of large constructions. It is powerful and massive, and hence it is utilized for destroying a category of different surfaces ranging from wooden walls, metal walls, and concrete walls. 

A demolition hammer isn’t designed for the demolishing of walls only but can be used on large, thick, and strong surfaces. A demolition hammer can be quite similar to a rotary hammer, but the significant difference is that a rotary hammer is not as powerful as a demolition hammer.

Functions of a Demolition Hammer

Since a demolition hammer is massive and very powerful, it can take on heavy tasks, such as replacement or improvement of your driveway. All you have to do is chip away the concrete with proper safety tools, and in no time you’ll be done. 

A demolition hammer can also be used for driving ground rods. Ground rods are used in the electrical industry. The ground rods are meant to safely and skillfully ground electrical currents. The rod is a transport method from the primary source of electricity, with the use of wiring and connector. Hence if the ground is made of cement or huge rocks, a demolition hammer comes in handy.

Reconstruction of sites, other tools like the rotary hammer are also essential while reconstructing a site or a building. When you come to materials that are tougher to crack or break, you’d need a demolition hammer. 

It is also essential in bringing down the massive construction of blocks of cement. A drill can go through, but won’t be able to go all the way to bring a building down. Although other tools and machinery are needed when bringing down a structure, a demolition hammer is also a vital tool that we can’t leave behind.

Types of Demolition Hammers


The Electric Hammer

This type of hammer consists of an electric motor that cycles a piston backward and forward inside the tool. This makes an impact on the chisel that juts out of the device.


The Pneumatic Hammer

This type of hammer is used to carve in stones and used to crack metal materials apart.


The Hydraulic Hammer

This type of hammer is so powerful that it can be mounted on tractors; they are used to demolish concrete buildings or rocks.


There is little difference between a rotary hammer and a demolition hammer. However, some safety measures to be adhered to using either a rotary hammer or demolition hammer are always put on safety gloves and safety goggles while working with these machines. Consistently apply firm pressure and tighten your grip when working in a particular area. Never use these machines close to people to avoid accidents, always maintain a safe distance.

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