How to Take Apart a Pool Table – Disassemble a Pool Table

Are you thinking of how to take apart a pool table? There are many reasons people move their pool table. Sometimes, it's because they are moving to another area, occasionally its to check for damages on the pool table, and other times, it's to replace worn out parts.

But first, we'd have to consider if the pool table is movable or not, to know what method to apply while trying to take it apart. Before you start taking apart your pool table, you will have to make sure that you take some safety measures like using gloves and safety goggles. You'd also want to gather your supplies and make sure they are easy to reach when you want to use them.

To detach your pool table, you would want to take out the side ball pockets. To do this, you would have to take out the staples that keep the ball pockets in place. You can use a staple remover to remove them, but if you don't have a staple remover, you can use a flat-head screwdriver. It is much easier to do this under the table while lying on your back. It is essential to use your protective goggles to protect your eyes from falling staples.

You would now move to disengage the rail bolts. There are usually three or four bolts on each rail to keep the tracks in place, use a socket wrench to unscrew the bolts from each rail. Some pool tables have specific locks with two holes in each, to remove them, use a forked tool. Once you have accomplished the task of disengaging the rail bolts, you would move to remove the rails. 

Remove any rail section that is easy to detach and put it aside, if you notice any track attached at an end, flip them over with a person's help if you can't handle it alone and pull them apart.

How to Take Apart a Pool Table

After you are done with the rails and rail bolts, you'd have to remove the felt. In some cases, all you wanted to achieve by detaching your pool table was to replace a worn-out felt. You can rip it off and replace, but if that want your intention remove the staples that are keeping the felt in place and take off the felt, if it is glued instead of stapled then you'd have to gently pull it in a smooth backward motion so that it won't rip. Then fold it neatly and keep in a safe place.

To take out the slates is usually tough because they are screwed down tightly to your pool table. To remove it, get your power drill equipped with a suitable screwdriver bit to remove the screws. Then you'd need to muster all your strength to lift the slate or slates because it weighs a ton. But if you can't do it alone, ask help from your friends or the people helping you move to help you lift it.

How to Take Apart a Pool Table

Finally, take off the frame or the table legs by using your strength or the help of your friends, to flip the remaining light structure upside down. Remove each table leg and as well as the frame, other detachable parts, and you are done. 

When you are done checking for damages and adjusting some parts or moving, you'd have to reassemble the part. First, flip the pool table's frame over and start fixing the table legs and any frame section that you may have detached. When you are done, you would have to adjust the slates back in. This part is usually tricky because you won't know what part of the slate goes in first, make it easier, make sure that the slate and the table are aligned, and use a measuring tape to test their horizontal alignment.

Make sure your pool table's level is perfectly aligned. Make sure that the felt is placed evenly on the table. You have to make sure that it is perfectly aligned with the table when the felt is consistently placed on the table, smoothen out any crease. Secure the rails on the same spot that you removed them and attach the rail pockets.


While moving or detaching your pool table, make sure you use the right materials while packing, for example, you need a plastic re-sealable bags for nuts, screws, bolts, and other small objects. You also have to make sure that while moving, you choose specific people to carry your things according to their capabilities to avoid accidents. How to take apart your pool table is quite easy.

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