How to Fix Spray Bottle Pump Mechanism – Repairing a Spray Bottle

Are you wondering about How to Fix Spray Bottle Pump Mechanism? Spray bottles are bottles that disperse mist fluids. They are used in our everyday life for different purposes. We use a spray bottle for various household chores, from cleaning the balcony doors to wiping the window glasses. Spray bottles are also used for packaging some items like our hairsprays, our perfumes, and our lotions. Spray bottles can come in different forms, some are plastic, and some are glass. Mostly perfumes spray bottles comes in a glass bottle to give it a sophisticated look.

The Different Parts of a Spray Bottle and How They Work

A spray bottle is made up of different parts that have particular purposes. The pump is the top part of a spray bottle and is attached to the tube. The trigger level helps the pump by drawing the liquid upwards, dispersed as a mist by the nozzle. The spray pump generated pressure by driving the fluid from the storage unit, which is the bottle through a tube or valve, and out through the spray nozzle.

The Spray Pump

How to Fix Spray Bottle Pump Mechanism

Some of the reasons why a spray pump stops working are because the seal of an impeller coupling may be lost, sometimes the impeller may be damaged or even broken, and other times the spring is broken, and this will lead you to get another spray bottle. Some sprays also come with filters, and when the filters are clogged, it makes the pump challenging to release fluid. All you have to do is flush the filter thoroughly until its clean, but if you notice that the filter is damaged, the best alternative will be to get it replaced.

The Nozzle

Other times our nozzle stop working, and this happens because it is blocked. All you have to do is put the cap in hot water or under running water to get the dirt out. But if it is still blocked, you can use vinegar to unclog it.

The Tube 

The tube can also be one of the reasons that our spray pump isn’t working. As time passes and we keep on using our spray bottle, the tube curls or the tube can’t reach the bottom of the tank, what you have to do is lengthen the tube. To do this cut the existing tube but leave an inch, then get another tube and attach it to the existing one, you can use a nut to connect it, the weight of the nut will keep the tube in place.

The nozzle can also affect a spray pump. The reasons are that the nozzle can get blocked with dirt when we don’t use it for a long time. So, to unclog it, all you have to do is use a needle to break through the germs or any pin available.

The Clutch

How to Fix Spray Bottle Pump Mechanism

The clutch allows the engine to idle and stop constant output from the pump. The clutch helps to minimize the possibility of leakage from the pump. It works just like an on and off switch and is located just below the trigger level.

We can also stop a pump from leaking by wrapping a rubber band around the cap to hold it in place if the leakage is caused when the cap shifts. You can also take the pump off and put a baggie around it to cover the bottle’s opening, then put the cap back on and lock the pumper by holding it in place. Filling the pump sprayer is also an easy task. All you have to do is to remove it clockwise, add the liquid to your desired quantity, and put the cap back on anti-clockwise.

Sometimes when you get a new perfume, the nozzle doesn’t work. You might have to stick to throwing it away that would be a total waste. Sometimes the nozzles are just sealed to prevent it from leakage during shipment. When this happens, all you have to do is take off the cap and stick a safety pin or any pin available through the nozzle, and then, your perfume will disperse the mist that is contained in the spray bottle.


How to fix a spray bottle pump mechanism is quite easy if the steps above are followed. Some guidelines should be taken into consideration while using a spray bottle. It is best advisable to use a plastic spray bottle. When it falls, the chances of it getting broken are low, but when it is a glass bottle that you are using, the chances of it getting broken are very high.

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