How Much Energy Does a Space Heater Use | Do Space Heaters Save Money?

A space heater is a mechanical device that is used by homeowners and business owners for added warmth, but how much energy does a space heater use? Space heaters are mostly used in small spaces for more heat, but can also be used to radiate heat through other adjoining rooms or area. Space heaters have so many advantages and disadvantages that require an individual’s full attention while it is in use to avoid hazards.

Prices of Space Heaters

Space heaters vary from different sizes to different prices; some space heaters that are used are the convective heaters, radiant heaters, and the combination heaters. But the best kind of heater is the radiant heater because it can also be used outdoors. The range in price of these heaters is from $35 to $110.

A space heater is the same as a portable heater and has many advantages or benefits than an electric heater has. It can be moved from room to room, it is a lot cheaper, and the heat radiation is temporary compared to the electric heater that cannot be moved from room to room. It costs more, and the heat radiation comes from a permanent spot. Most people use a portable heater because it cuts down the expenses. But we can also benefit from both appliances.

How Much Energy Does a Space Heater Use?

The actual energy that a space heater use is 1500 watts per hour, but used 36000 watts for a full day. However, there are smaller heaters that can utilize 200 watts per hour. Nonetheless, you can leave it on for 3 hours at the highest setting. The energy that a space heater use in a low setting is 200 watt per hour. The energy used in a low setting isis usually due to the size of the heater.

So on a full day when a space heater is on a low setting, the energy used is 4800 watt. However, at a high rate, it just uses 1500 watts of energy. Other heaters use up to 2,300 watts to 4,100 watts.

A heater that radiates 1500 watts of energy can be put in a room of 150 square feet, a 10-by-15 foot room or an 11-by-14 or 12-by- 12 feet with a ceiling of 8-foot standard. A heater can radiate heat more if it is in a small area. If it is in a bigger room, the energy required will be much qt about 1500 watt.

Variation in Types and Sizes

How Much Energy Does a Space Heater Use

Energies that a space heater use vary because of their types or sizes. The heater does nothing more than to generate heat, and it is very efficient. The amount of heat generated is equal to the power it uses, so a more powerful heater uses more power or energy and vice versa. If you use a small heater, the energy used isn’t much compared to the energy used in a bigger heater.

A heater is a device that converts electric currents to heat, and this is done with the help of an electrical resistor, which is the central heating element using the principle of Joule heating. Therefore any electric current that is passing through an electric resistor will be converted and generate heat.

Advantages and Disadvantages

As mentioned earlier, space heaters have many disadvantages that we can avoid and advantages that we can benefit from if used correctly. Some advantages of a portable heater are that it is cheaper, cuts expenses, lessens hazards, and is very convenient. Simultaneously, some disadvantages of a portable heater are that it can radiate heat in a little area and are prone to damage quickly because it is moved from place to place. 

We can avoid this by lessening the way we drag them always, and looking through the users manual to know the Do’s and the Don’t’s, and how to use it efficiently.

How Much Energy Does a Space Heater Use

The energy of a space heater is gotten from the electricity or combustion of a flammable or burnable fuel such as natural gas, propane, fuel, oil, or wood pellets. It is recommended that you should not leave your space heater or portable heater on when not in use reasons because it raises the electricity rate and you will have a raise in your electricity bill. So please turn off the heater before sleeping and turn it off when you leave the room to prevent fire hazards.

It should be noted that the heat generated by a space heater can raise the temperature of a room in about an hour, but the heat can increase the temperature to 10 degrees in about 35 minutes. However, you must turn it off before you leave the room so that your heater doesn’t become a fire hazard. Space heaters are mainly used to provide warmth or to warm up an area or room when the weather is cold and especially during the winter months because it is awfully cold. 

Portable heaters help warm the spots where people are working, reading, cooking, or doing other activities. Portable heaters can also be wall-mounted, not necessarily carried around if desired.

Where Can Heaters Be Bought From?

Space heaters or portable heaters can be gotten from stores or supermarkets where they are tested and run to see if it works efficiently, and doesn’t have any damages or problems from where they were made. But you can also order your heater from online using sine online shopping apps like the Amazon, wish, etc. Heaters are safe if used correctly and using the owners manual or handbook. When we are not using the heater at the moment or leave the room, we should always ensure to turn it off to prevent a fire outbreak. 

You may think that your heater produces carbon monoxide because it burns fuel, but electrical appliances do not produce carbon monoxide.

The power sources of a space heater can be from a battery source or electricity. Space heaters are powered by electricity or a burnable fuel such as natural gas. Portable heaters need electricity because the exhaust is required to burn fuel for heaters. However, a large portable heater battery has not yet been invented.

Safety Measures

The safety measures should be taken into consideration because one of the major causes of fire outbreaks are electrical appliances. The rules should be applied whenever we are using our heater. The most important rule that we should keep in mind while operating a portable heater is always to turn off the heater when it is not used to prevent overheating, which can cause a fire. Then always make sure to keep things that are flammable away from the heater; for example, we shouldn’t place our heaters near curtains, clothes, blankets, and other materials that can be flammable. 

We should always make sure that it is three feet away from children to avoid burns by accident, we should ensure to keep children away from that area. Ensure that while the heater is on, it is not left unattended, for example, leaving it in and going out. Never leave it on while the house us empty or while you are asleep. Ensure that your heater is placed over a flat surface and never on an uneven surface because it may tip over and inflame other objects. 

Never plug your heater over an extension cord, it may overheat, and extension cords are not a permanent power supply. Also, someone may accidentally trip over the extension cord, causing the heater to fall over.

Your space heater cannot be used as a primary source of heat because it is inefficient and can only radiate heat through one or two rooms, not your whole house. When you purchase a new space heater, you will notice that it smells burnt or when you haven’t used your space heater in a while, and you would discover that you start to perceive a burnt smell. 

You perceive the smell because you haven’t used it the heater in a while. The dirt or debris that may have gotten there are being burnt off. The smell only lasts for a while, but after a few uses, you won’t perceive the burnt smell anymore.


You can also attempt to clean your space heater too. All you have to do is unplug your heater, wipe off any lingering dirt on the surface with a damp rag or cloth, make sure that water doesn’t get into the main parts of the heater, but if it does leave it to air dry for a couple of days, then put the components back together again and plug it in.

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